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Wet lubes are very popular with guys and I’ve tried a few of them, but I’ve never given any of their warming lubes a shot. This time around I tried two of them: Wet Warming and Wet Synergy +Warming Hybrid.

If you’re like me, you like to use lube for everything: every masturbation session (be it short, long or prolonged), slathered on toys to make penetration more pleasurable (and less painful), and for use during sex. For masturbation, I tend to keep a few different favorites within reach: pure silicone is my all-time favorite, but I like to try new things too, especially when I’m looking for a different sensation. One of the best ways to add a new thrill to lube is to try one with warming properties. Whether used while jacking off, sliding in a favorite sex toy, or adding a little extra spice to sex, a warming lube can be a lot of fun…if you choose the right one.

I’ve long been a fan of Wet’s lubes; their Platinum Premium lube is a great silicone option, and I’ve been using their water-based lube for over twenty years. Though I’ve been using these two products for years, I’ve never had the chance to try one of their warming lubes. In this review, I look at two: the water-based Warming Gel, and the newer hybrid lube: Wet Synergy +Warming Hybrid lubricant.

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I tried the Wet Warming Gel first. I should preface this part of the review by saying I rarely use straight water-based lubes for masturbation. In my experience, they need regular reapplication and tend to have a stickier consistency when compared to all-silicone or silicone-hybrid formulas.

The lube poured easily from the flip-top bottle. As with most water-based lubes, I used a generous amount. At first I was worried the lube might be too warm by using so much, but it really wasn’t a problem. In fact, I didn’t find the Wet Warming lube overly warm at all. The Wet website describes this lube as having a “gentle heating sensation.” I’d stress the word “gentle” before I would “heating.” Even when I tried to blow on it (no, seriously, they recommend that on the website) I didn’t really notice a strong amount of heat. After masturbating with Wet Warming for awhile, I did sense a slight warming sensation, but the stickiness of lube made it feel more messy than warm. I even tried to use it on my nipples, another tip from the Wet website, but didn’t notice anything more than a (very) gentle heat. For me, the Wet Warming just didn’t offer enough sensation. I suppose if you’re looking for a mild warming sensation in a water-based lube, the Wet Warming gel might be a good one to try.

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The next time I was “up” for some warming lube, I decided to try the Wet Synergy +Warming Hybrid formula. I had better hopes for this one, mostly because I tend to like hybrid lubes. A hybrid lube is a mix of water-based with some silicone mixed in. This usually makes for a thicker lube, and the addition of silicone makes it last a lot longer. According to Wet, the Synergy lubes contain 10% silicone and this is enough to give them a silky texture. But would the +Warming formula offer a more heated sensation than its water-based counterpart? The short answer is: fuck yes!

Unlike the Wet Warming, this Synergy business had heat. Quite a lot of heat. I didn’t feel it so much at first, but once it warmed up, I could feel it! Have you ever eaten a cinnamon fireball candy? If you have, you know how that makes you mouth feel. The Wet Synergy +Warming lube made my cock feel kind of the same way. The warmth was palpable. It was definitely intense, but at no time did I feel like it was too warm. Of course, if you’re the type of person who spits out a fireball because it makes your mouth feel too hot, you’re probably not going to like the way this lube makes your cock feel. I didn’t even consider trying the Synergy lube on a toy that was going into my hole, because I felt like it was going to be too intense for my tender insides. But if you’re looking for some nice heat during a masturbation session, I think the Wet Synergy +Warming has to be the most intense one I have tried. The warming sensation lasted quite awhile after I was “finished.”

The only drawback I could mention for this version of Wet’s warming lube is that the lube was thick. Like petroleum jelly thick. Now, Wet mentions that the lube is thick on their site. “…it begins as a very thick gel with plenty of cushion and stays where you put it.” All true. And it’s not that I minded the thick consistency. I like that I can put it on one spot and not have it run down my shaft and soak my balls and public hair. The problem was it was so thick I had to remove the flip-top from the bottle to get some, because squeezing the container just wouldn’t push much out. Still, the stuff felt so good to me, I’d take it out with a cotton swab if I had to. Definitely my new favorite warming lube.

It’s a shame that the water-based Warming Gel didn’t pack the same punch as the hotter Synergy, but it’s probably a good thing that Wet buyers have different levels of heat to choose from. If you’re looking to test the waters with a warming lube and don’t want something too intense, go for the Warming Gel. But if you really want to feel the heat, go straight for the Synergy +Warming Hybrid.

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