We-Vibe Salsa Vibrator Review

we vibe salsa redAlthough the We-Vibe Salsa is currently in retirement, I’m keeping this review up in the hopes We-Vibe decides to bring the Salsa back for the fans.

I’ve been searching for a vibrating toy that can be used to deliver intense stimulation to my frenulum. When I stimulate this sweet spot (usually slowly, with the tip of my lubricated forefinger), I can produce an orgasm that is long and intense, coupled with a load that’s good and heavy.

Though it feels good, it takes a little investment of time and effort. I admit, sometimes I get frustrated with how long it’s taking and grease my entire hand and switch to a full fisted jack. A vibrator can make the process easier, but it’s hard to find just the right one to hit just the right spot. I hate to say it, but the vast majority of vibrators are designed to get women off, at least when it comes to direct genital stimulation.

I have tried at least two products specifically engineered for use by men, but damn if they’re not frustrating. Nice, yes. Mindblowing, no. Or – to be fair – not usually.  The two I tried for targeted sweet spot stimulation were the Cobra Libre, a high end “head massager.” And the mid-level Hand Solo, a silicone gripper that can be used to deliver vibrations to the shaft and head. A nice toy, but it didn’t really stimulate my frenulum to the point where I was shooting gobs all over the place.

The Salsa by We-Vibe was kind of my “three strikes and your out” toy. I figure if it didn’t work, I probably wasn’t going to find something that was going to buzz my sweet spot like I was hoping. I ordered it, I tried it, and…I liked it! If you like to work your sweet spot, this thing is not just for women!

Size-wise, the Salsa is a small toy, about the same size as a tube of lipstick. But instead of a flattened tip, this toy tapers into a pointed tip, which is great for pinpointed stimulation. The vibe is completely rechargeable, and connects easily to the included magnetic charger. One click, and your new Salsa is charging. Once you’re ready to go, use the control button on the base to select one of the Salsa’s settings: four different steady speeds, or four different pulsing patterns. Long-hold the button to shut it off, and when you start it back up, the last setting you used pops back on. For a vibe this size, the Salsa is powerful. I have enjoyed several long sessions, driving some pretty strong vibrations into all of my sweet spots.

If you want one, make up your mind to grab one fast, as the folks at We-Vibe have stopped production on the Salsa in favor of the similarly-sized Tango. I haven’t tried the Tango yet, so not sure if its flattened tip will jangle my sweet spot to climax the way the Salsa did, but here’s hoping! If you hurry, the Salsa can be had – in black – from:

UPDATE 2/16/14 – It looks like every store has sold out of their Salsa stock. If you’re interested in trying something similar, We-Vibe is still selling the Tango, which is pretty much the same design, save for the flattened tip. The Tango can be had at these affiliate stores:

Image of the Salsa from the We-Vibe website

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