VIDEO: Stroking with the Fleshlight Quickshot

Watching this video is what made me want a Fleshlight Quickshot of my own. A guy with a Tumblr blog called Cum With Me made an extremely hot video of his big cock fucking a Fleshlight Quickshot. After 12 minutes of deep fucking and dirty talk, he finally delivers the promised load.

Video Link | User: Hardstrok75

If you want to see more of this guy and his jack off videos (lots more Quickshot and Fleshlight clips), be sure to follow his Tumblr page: Cum With Me. Not only is one of the hottest sex toy videos I’ve ever seen, but it serves as a perfect demonstration of exactly what you can do with a Quickshot masturbator. Also, kudos to him for using Velcro (I assume) to attach his Quickshot to a camera tripod for easy hands-free fucking. Great idea, and looks hot too!

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