VerSpanken: Male Masturbator

verspanken-masturbatorI’ve been curious about the VerSpanken male masturbator from Big Teaze Toys ever since I laid eyes on the thing. Smooth? Bumpy? Hot? Cold? Take a look.

Unlike many male masturbation toys, the VerSpanken consists of a folding plastic case which holds a pair of interchangeable inserts which are made of foam. You can purchase the toy with one of three different textures: smooth, wavy or bumpy.

Sold separately, are WaterWieners, which are inserts of the same size, but made of a water-filled material that has the added benefit of being freezable or microwavable, which makes the VerSpanken masturbator an asset for guys who enjoy adding temperature play to their masturbation time. Note that the WaterWieners are available as an accessory to the VerSpanken; sold at a lower cost, they do not include the plastic holder.

The only other toy I’ve seen like this is the Monkey Spanker, a small vibrating paddle that’s been outfitted with a penetrable sheath.  Big Teaze Toys really expanded on the idea of a totally open-ended masturbation toy, allowing the user to mix and match different combinations of the inserts.

I had seen virtually no user-submitted reviews on the VerSpanken, but finally came across a review of the toy on HellKat’s Little Bit of Heaven blog. She and her husband tested the bumpy foam inserts. I was really happy to see the included photos; I had no idea how large the VerSpanken is until I saw it being held.

The VerSpanken and the WaterWieners inserts can be purchased from:

Product images from Big Teaze Toys.

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