Tom of Finland Pleasure Tools

tom of finland toysI’ve been seeing this new collection of sex toys for men popping up on a few different sites. Not only has the company licensed the use of Tom of Finland’s gay erotic art to market this collection, but many of the toys themselves have been inspired by Tom’s art. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

tof kake dildo
Kake Cock
– The first one that caught my eye was the 13-inch (12 inches insertable) Kake dildo. Made of body-safe silicone, this foot-long dong is directly inspired by “Kake,” a character created by Tom of Finland in the 1960s. Kake is a leather daddy with lots of muscles and a huge dick. The Kake dildo is made of gray silicone (to mime the black-and-white drawings in which it was depicted) and features balls and a suction cup. It’s pricey, but it comes with a slick display case so you can show off your Tom of Finland cock when it’s not in your hole. 12″ KAKE COCK

tof xl plug
Silicone Vibrating Anal Plug
– If twelve thick inches is too much for your hole to handle, maybe this vibrating anal plug in the shape of a dick is more to your liking. Also made of silicone, this cock-shaped plug has a flared base for safety, and an embedded bullet to deliver vibrations four-and-a-half inches (6 inch total length) into your hole. Need it deeper/thicker? Try the XL Plug (7.75 inches; 6 inches insertable) with a 2 inch diameter. VIBRATING PLUG | XL VIBRATING PLUG

tof heavy balls 3
Silicone Anal Balls
– The one that appeals to me is this Three Weighted Anal Balls set. Each ball measures 1.5 inches in diameter and has been dipped in silicone. The ring at the end of this string can be used to pop the balls back out of your hole, or even used as a cock ring. Need an even bigger anal ball to pop that hole? You might prefer the Heavy Anal Ball; there’s only one, but it packs a bigger punch at 2.25 inches in diameter. You can double up this bigger ball with a duo set, which features two 2.25 inch balls that can slide five-and-a-half inches up your butt. 1 BALL | 2 BALLS | 3 BALLS

tof 3 silicone plugs
Silicone Butt Plugs
– Even more anal pleasures to be had! For beginners and experienced hole stretchers alike, check out these three solid silicone butt plugs in varying sizes. The smallest one has the following dimensions: 4 inches long (3 inches insertable) with a max diameter of 2.25 inches. The Large is 4.5 inches long (4 inches insertable) with a max diameter of 2.5 inches. The XL is 5 inches long (4.5 inches insertable) with a max diameter of 3.25 inches. Need an even longer plug? There’s an XXL plug (pictured at the top of the post) that is 6.5 inches in length (6 inches insertable) with a max diameter of 2.5 inches. MEDIUM PLUG | LARGE PLUG | XL PLUG (thickest) | XXL PLUG (longest)

tof vibrating cock
5-Speed Vibrating Cock
– If it’s a big ribbed vibrating dick you’re looking for, close your eyes and imagine this 9.5 inch silicone coated vibe throbbing against your prostate. Check out the way the head curves…you know that’s going to grind right where you want it. 5-SPEED VIBRATING COCK

tof 3 cock nuts
Cock Nuts
– Not all of the Tom of Finland toys are designed for your butt (though many, happily, are). If you like cock rings, you’ll love this 3-ring set shaped like nuts. Made of a stretchy TPE material and sporting an inner diameter of 1 inch, you can use these as cock rings and/or ball stretchers. Pile them on, or share with friends.  3-COUNT COCK NUTS

tof strokersheath
Stroker Sheath
– I’ll finish off this sex toy highlight with the Tom of Finland Stroker Sheath, a textured masturbation sleeve that’s designed with a “ball strap” that latches behind your nuts. Lube up this stroker and every time you pull it up your shaft, the strap is going to tug on your nuts. Cool feature! This 5.5 inch long and 2.5 inch wide stroker is open ended, so even Tom of Finland sized cocks can use it. STROKER SHEATH

Find these toys at BoyzShop, and be sure to check out the entire Tom of Finland collection in their online store. Lots more anal toys, cock rings, Leather/SM gear, and even lubes.


Product photos from XR Brands

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