Tantus B-Bomb Butt Plug Review

tantus b bomb plugsWant a nice silicone butt plug that vibrates, but looking for something that eases in gently yet still packs a little punch? Check out the B-Bomb.

The B-Bomb Butt Plug from Tantus has been on my personal wishlist for awhile. I love the body-safe silicone toys Tantus makes, and there seems to be no end to the variety of their product line. Whether you’re looking for realistic dildos or anal toys of all types, Tantus probably has something that will be a nice fit for you.¬†I finally ordered my B-Bomb and had a chance to try it out last night.

I was liking the B-Bomb right out of the package, before I slathered it with lube and put it inside me. Size-wise, the B-Bomb is one of Tantus’ smaller plugs. It features a tapered (almost pointy) tip, which really makes insertion quite easy. The shape of the plug reminds me of an old school Christmas light bulb. The widest part of this toy is 1.4″ inches, which shouldn’t be too bad for those with any kind of anal play experience. Even beginners – using plenty of lube – would probably have a nice time with this plug.

Once you work the wide section into your hole, the plug tapers back into a narrow neck, which then flares out into a round, anal-safe base. While the plug is pretty comfortable once inserted, I did experience a bit of discomfort when the base was gripped between my cheeks for a long session. For some reason, the silicone – which is not overly firm – felt quite hard while it was pressed into me. It wasn’t painful by any means, but in certain positions, it did feel uncomfortable at times.

The inner aspect of the plug felt great while inserted. I have a few larger anal toys, so popping in a smaller one was a nice change. The shape worked really well for me, and while the pointed tip wasn’t angled quite enough to directly massage my P-spot, I was able to manually angle the plug to give this spot some nice attention. Because of the nice bulge in the middle of the plug, the B-Bomb stayed put during use, even while coated with lots of lube.

tantus b bomb blackThe Tantus B-Bomb arrives with a plastic vibrating bullet which the user can push into the hollow channel at the base of the plug. The bullet is moderately powerful for a battery (included) operated toy, and provides pleasant buzzing in the middle of the plug, and to the neck and base, which offers some very pleasant vibrations to the anal opening. Fans of multi speeds and pulsating patterns might be disappointed, as the bullet only operates at one steady speed, but if you enjoy vibrations with your anal play, you’ll probably enjoy this. One thing to note about the bullet: a portion of the vibe pokes out of the base, giving the B-Bomb a noticeable bump, which will make it practically impossible to sit flat while using the toy. Just something to bear in mind if you like to pop in a plug and have a seat.

All in all, the Tantus B-Bomb is a fun little vibrating plug, that pops in easily, offers some great stand-alone fun, or a little something extra during masturbation and sex. While big toy lovers will want to pass on this plug, those looking for a nicely-shaped silicone anal toy that goes in (and out) without a lot of discomfort. Made of premium silicone, Tantus recommends a water-based lube with this toy. (High quality silicone lubes may be used, but always do a spot check in an inconspicuous area to ensure they are compatible.) Speaking of silicone, this product is well made, has no odor, and cleans up easily.

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