Stronic Zwei – Pulsating Anal Toy

stronic zwei blackThe thicker Stronic pulsator, designed to go in your hole, so you can safely use it anally. The question isn’t do you want one, but in what color?

UPDATE September 2013: Stronic Zwei now available to U.S. buyers. Check it out!

If you’re like me, you took one look at the demo video for Fun Factory’s pulsating dildo – the Stronic Eins – and your hole went pitty-pat as you imagined those wonderful thrusts gliding back and forth over your P-spot.

The pitty-pat party lasted about ten minutes for me, which is about how long it took to discover the manufacturer was not recommending the toy for anal use. Aw, damn! I would have even broken my own “No Pink Toys” rule to be able to use the Stronic Eins anally. (Fort Troff obviously believes rules are meant to be broken, and asses are meant to be fucked, because they’re selling the Eins – in purple – as the Stronic Fucker. Check out their product listing, complete with pics and hot video.)

Anyhow, recently I was delighted to learn that Fun Factory has a new Stronic pulsating toy in the pipeline, and it’s designed specifically for anal use. Hooray! The aptly named Stronic Zwei (German for “two;” Eins = “one”) won’t be arriving until summer of 2013 (at least in the U.S.), but we can enjoy the images of the upcoming Zwei:

stronic zwei blueYou can read the detailed description and a list of all the Zwei’s features at Fun Factory’s European site, but this little blurb was what caught my eye:

“The STRONIC ZWEI’s concept is based on an effect which totally differs from the standard high frequency vibrators. It goes for deep satisfaction with deep frequencies in connection with a back and forth motion which feels natural. The thrust impulses can be adjusted to ten rhythms, from lightly stimulating to very powerful.”

The Stronic Zwei will definitely be making the top of my “most wanted” list. I’ll post more information (and hopefully a video) as it becomes available. The only good thing about waiting until July for this toy to arrive? You’ll have plenty of time to answer this question: “Black? Or blue?”

Product images of the Stronic Zwei from Fun Factory


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