Stronic Zwei now available at Fort Troff

stronic-zwei-fort-troffThe rechargeable made-for-anal-stimulation (and hole filling!) pulsating Stronic Zwei from Fun Factory is now being stocked by pig sex retailer Fort Troff.

Finally! After months of waiting for a US-release of Fun Factory’s anal-safe pulsator – the Stronic Zwei – it’s finally showed up for purchase in an American store! Atlanta-based retailer Fort Troff is now stocking the pulsating anal toy, and has rechristened it the Stronic Fucker 2. They’ve already been selling the original Stronic Fucker (known as the Stronic Eins, elsewhere) to good reviews, but this follow-up model is a thicker, curvier version that’s designed to pulsate in your ass.


While the Stronic Fucker 2 isn’t a toy for anal beginners (even experienced users have commented about its girth), guys who like a thick toy will surely love this thing. If you have any doubts about the size, just check out how large it looks in the hand of the guy who’s about to use it. (Fort Troff always has the best promotional photos…I can’t wait to see if they post a video of the Stronic Fucker 2 in use.) Fun Factory is a German company selling a wide range of quality toys with a unique design. Stronic=Strong in German, and the different models are named for their German numbers: Eins=One, Zwei=Two…stay tuned for a fall (hopefully) release of the delightfully rippled Drei (Three).

Ready to try the Stronic Zwei/Stronic Fucker 2? The wait is over. Find it online at Fort Troff; just look under Dongs: Buzz on their site. The original model is available also.

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Product photo courtesy of Fort Troff


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