Fun Factory Stronic Drei Coming Soon?

A curved rippled shaft, stiff but squeezable; the colors bold and whimsical. Once the Stronic Drei is charged and ready to go, get ready for the pulsations.

First there was the Stronic Eins, a smooth, tapered pulsating dildo from Fun Factory. Unlike traditional vibrators, the Stronic Eins – German for “Strong One” – thrusts and throbs. Unfortunately, Fun Factory’s first pulsating toy was not being touted for anal use (U.S. retailer Fort Troff is selling the toy – to pleased male customers – under the name Stronic Fuckercheck it out in their “Fuck Machine” section, complete with pics, vids and reviews).

Anal enthusiasts who went nuts at the sight of the throbbing toy had reason to delight when Fun Factory announced two new pulsating toys: the Stronic Zwei and the Stronic Drei, each of which are equipped with a flared base to make them safer to use anally. I already reported on the Zwei, and was looking forward to its U.S. release when I caught a glimpse of the third Stronic.

stronic drei

The Stronic Drei seems to combine everything I liked about the first two Fun Factory pulsating toys, and adds some even greater features: it sports a nice curved shaft, a sexy cockhead-shaped tip, and the entire toy is ribbed with some pretty serious-looking ripples. If you like the idea of the ribbed shaft, but aren’t so crazy about the pulsing motion, another Fun Factory toy – the Tiger G4 – arrives with a similar shape and texture (I may like this design a little bit better than the Drei), with a vibrating core instead of one that pulsates.

A spokesperson for Fun Factory told me the Stronic Zwei will be released to American customers in the first half of July, and that the Drei will either be released around that time, or be set for a possible September 2013 release date. I’ll be posting more information on these two anal-friendly toys when they become available, and will hopefully have the chance to try each of them out. Stay tuned!

Images of the Stronic Drei from Fun Factory


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