Streem Master Mini Douche Review

Need a sturdy reusable enema kit to keep your hole nice and clean before sex toy use or anal play? Check out one of the best kits I’ve found.

If you’re a regular user of anal toys, perhaps you’re also a regular user of enemas, using them so your hole is nice and clean before you have some fun with dildos or butt plugs (works great pre-anal sex, too). If you’ve used disposable enemas before, you’ll note that they have a couple drawbacks: mainly that they don’t hold that much water, and – even if you wash them up after use so you can refill them – they aren’t really built to last.

Some guys like to douche with a more sophisticated shower-mounted system, and while handy, there’s a more complicated installation process, and you’ll have to remove it to use the shower again or stash the system away if other people (like house guests or family members) are likely to come across it.

If you’re looking for a happy medium, why not try a more durable, reusable douching system? Streem Master has released a completely portable, yet wonderfully sturdy enema kit. I’ve been using mine since 2011, and it still feels like it’s new out of the box each time I reach for it.


The kit consists of three pieces: a large, thick squeeze bulb, and two plastic nozzles; one narrow, and one that is thicker and longer. Though sold as a “mini” enema, the squeeze bulb is designed to hold 11 ounces of water, a much greater amount than you’d get in a disposable drugstore enema bottle. It’s made of a firm medical grade PVC (phthalate and latex free), and sports a flat-ended design, so the bulb can sit upright on any level surface while you’re using it. The opening is wide enough to fill under the tap, and allows either of the two hard plastic nozzles to easily screw snugly in place. The smaller nozzle is comparable to a disposable enema, but if you want to deliver the contents of the bulb in one quick shot, screw on the larger piece. It’s thicker, and – with a greater length – can deliver the entire contents of your douche deep in your ass, through five small holes in the nozzle’s rounded tip. I generally use the larger device, because it’s so easy to insert (just grease it with a little lubricant) and so quick to dispense a bulb full of warm water.

Clean up’s a snap. Just gently unscrew your nozzle and wash out both pieces with soap and hot water in the sink. It’s so handy, you’ll not only want to use it at home, but throw it in your overnight bag for sleepovers, and even travel with it. You can order your own Streem Master in these fun colors (I have the blue one).

UPDATE: 3/4/14 – This company has gone out of business, so these great enemas are impossible to find. If I come across a store stocking them, I’ll post a link. In the meanwhile, if you’re looking for enema/anal douche equipment, check out the Douche section at:

Product Images from Streem Master 

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