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Are you sitting down? While most sex toys are designed to be used in various positions while you wriggle around in bed, sometimes you might want something designed to be used while seated. Watching porn at your desk and want to sit on dildo? Maybe you’re interested in a prostate massager you can use for a long session while seated. Been wanting a butt plug that works for hours-long sessions under your clothes? Do curvy handles, big “balls,” or sharp/awkward stick-out parts make it uncomfortable for you to use certain sex toys while sitting? Check out this list of toys that are perfect to use while you’re parked on your ass.sit nexus anal kitNexus Anal Starter Kit – I’ve already reviewed the Nexus G Play, a curvy little butt toy with a perfect base for long seated sessions. While the G Play line has an internal vibrator, the Nexus Anal Starter Kit is a trio of solid silicone butt plugs, each one bigger than the last. If you’re looking for a nice shape, body-safe material, and a base that’s perfect for using while seated, this set is ideal. Start small, and work your way up to the biggest plug. Find the Nexus Anal Starter Kit at SheVibe.sit tantusTantus Toys – Tantus – a company that makes high quality silicone dildos and plugs – has several offerings with slender bases that work well for sitting. Start out with the Warm Up. It’s a nice little angled dildo with a sweet bulbous ball on the end. You know that’s going to rub just the right spot, and the teardrop base will make rocking around on this toy a breeze. Next, the Neo Plug has a nice shape, and look at that skinny, curved base. And if it’s girth you want, check out the Tantus Throb. A nice thick curve, delicious veins, and a flat base will allow you to sit alllll the way down on it. Find these toys at Adult Shopping: Neo | Warm Up | Throb – and check the whole Tantus line for plenty of other toys with bases suitable for seated use.sit aneros deviceDeVice Prostate Massager from Aneros – Aneros has a bunch of great prostate massagers, but when you start browsing the collection, you’ll quickly realize that most of them have tabs that poke out of the base and odd shaped handles. While these work fine if you’re riding a wave of prostate pleasure as you squirm and moan in bed, they’re going to be completely impractical (not to metion uncomfortable) if you want to try a session while seated in a chair or massaging your P-spot at your desk. Fortunately, Aneros anticipated a need for guys who want to enjoy prostate massage while seated and designed the DeVice, a solid silicone prostate toy that’s the same shape and girth as their popular Progasm model, but with a flat base that will comfortably rest in your butt crack if you want to use it under your clothes and/or while sitting in a chair. Find the DeVice Prostate Massager at Aneros.sit rim seatFort Troff T-Bone Rim Chair – Do you go crazy when a guy attacks your hole with his tongue? Is one of your favorite activities having a man sit on your face? If you answered yes to either question, have you ever used a rim chair? A rim chair – sometimes called a rim seat – is a clever device designed to allow a guy to stay comfortably seated while having his ass rimmed. For the guy doing the tongue-work, this chair allows you to easily (and more comfortably) slide under that bottom and take your time working over his ass. This gear isn’t for everyone, but for guys who can’t get enough rimming, a rim chair from Fort Troff is a must for your toy room. Find it at Fort Troff in the Sling/Fuck Machine section.sit gemstones anal beadsGemstones Silicone Anal Beads – Looking for something you can pop into your butthole and leave there for awhile? Whether you’re just needing the smaller set or really want to work in the bigger set(s), you’ll love these pure silicone (even the connecting string has been dipped in it!) bead sets. The base will keep them from slipping out of reach, but keep things comfortable enough so you can use them while seated. Think of all the drives you can take with one of these bead strings squirming around inside of you! Four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. Gemstones Anal Beads at SheVibe.

Want a few more choices you can sit on? Check these:


Images from: Nexus Anal Starter Kit & Gemstones anal beads from SheVibe
Tantus Toys from Adult Shopping
DeVice prostate massager from Aneros
T-Bone Rim Chair from Fort Troff

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