Severin Medium Butt Plug by Tantus


tantus-severin-mediumThe Severin Medium butt plug from Tantus may just be the biggest “medium” butt plug your hole’s ever taken. Not for beginners, but fun for anal lovers.

Most butt plugs seem to adhere to specific shapes, most notably the tapered plug, which starts with a fairly narrow tip and gradually widens into a thicker bottom. Since many folks prefer to use anal plugs to either open their holes or keep them inserted (as opposed to thrusting toys) for awhile, plugs are generally equipped with a more narrow neck at the base of the plug (to allow the hole to close back up) and a wider handle or base to keep your toy from slipping out of your grasp and becoming lost up inside your ass.

Two things caught my eye about the Severin Medium butt plug from Tantus: the wavy shape (it reminds me a little of a soft serve ice cream cone), and the bright red silicone that it’s manufactured from. It’s also available in black, if you so prefer. As the name indicates, this is the middle size from the Severin line, but it’s still a toy best used by those with a pretty fair amount of anal toy experience.

The Medium version of Severin is 4.75 inches long from tip to base, with nearly all of that insertable. The tip has a nearly 1-inch diameter, and the toy’s two bulges measure in at 1.5- and 2 inches (diameter) respectively. The narrow neck at the root of the toy is about an inch-and-a-half long a has a 1.25-inch diameter and the handle at the base measures just under three inches in width.

The challenge with the Severin Medium comes from inserting the portions of the plug with the bulges. The tip should be easily taken by users of all experience levels; it’s nicely rounded, very smooth, and the silicone – while firm – still has some nice give to it. Unlike some of the other Tantus toys I have used, the surface of the Severin seemed to be much glossier, and tends to “grab” at your flesh if you don’t use plenty of lube.

While we’re on the subject, be sure to lube your hole very good before using this. The first time I tried the plug, it was a somewhat uncomfortable experience because I hadn’t generously applied the lube to my body. Consider using a lube shooter to make the internal lubrication a lot easier.

Once you’ve lubed the toy and your ass, and you’ve eased the rounded tip inside, you’re going to need to take it a little easier as you work the first bulge through your anal opening. The rule of thumb is to take it slow; you don’t want to force the toy. One of the benefits of using butt plugs is allowing your hole to stretch, so if you start to feel discomfort or even pain, ease back and don’t force it. In my opinion, the Severin Medium is a “large” plug (anal pigs won’t agree, but they aren’t going to be there to rub cream on your aching slot, either), so many users will need to work themselves up to using this plug comfortably.

At any rate, the first bulge shouldn’t be too hard to take for guys with some anal toy experience, but there’s a much bigger bulge to tackle, so don’t get too comfortable. Honestly, I didn’t even attempt to penetrate myself with anything more than the first knob on my first use. When I used the toy a second time, I knew beforehand to be generous with the lubrication. After much slow work and some deep breathing and relaxation (this was following a soak in a hot bath, as well), I was able to work the second – and larger – bulge inside. This portion of the toy is the hole stretcher, and again, you don’t want to rush things or force it. The only thing you’ll have to show for your effort is a sore ass (if you’re lucky) or an injured hole (if you’re not)…and you don’t want to tear anything down there, because it’s not a fun time.

Like climbing a mountain, getting the Tantus Severin Medium inside is most of the battle. Once you’ve worked it in, you can enjoy the filling sensation it provides. Luckily, the neck portion above the base is a lot more narrow, but it still widens a bit before it hits the handle, which is designed to sit between your cheeks (it might be a little thick to be comfortable for some, but it’s still a nicer design that many other plugs). If you’re like me, you’ll probably love the way the silicone material warms to your body temperature as you grip it inside you. As a solo toy (hole stretcher, hole packer), the Severin Medium is an intense experience. It’s even more fun if you masturbate (and climax) with the toy filling your ass. Though I haven’t tried it yet, toys like these also work well during sex, especially if you have a partner who enjoys working your hole over (just tell him or her to take it slow, for the reasons I mentioned above). Blowjobs usually feel great while your ass is gripping a nice toy, especially when you cum. And there’s nothing more exciting than feeling your partner slowly extract an anal toy from your hole and then replace it with his cock.

Speaking of extracting, because of the bulges, you’ll want to take just as much care when removing the Severin, so you don’t cause your hole any injury or discomfort. Still, it should be relatively easier to pull this toy out than it was to put it in…and you’ll surely love the way the bulges “pop” your hole as they slide back out. Again, use plenty of lube!

The Severin Medium butt plug is available in bright red or black directly from Tantus, or from these AllMaleSexToys affiliate stores (in black only):

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Image of the Severin Medium butt plug from Tantus

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