Oil-Based Hot Lube Safe with Silicone?

Is it safe to use an oil-based lubricant with sex toys that are made out of silicone? Check out my recommendations in this first entry of the site’s Q&A.

I’m scanning the Keyword Analysis of my blog stats and keep noticing people finding my blog while searching for answers to their sex toy/masturbation questions. I thought I’d start a new feature where I post the search query and respond with an answer. This was the first one that caught my eye:

“Can you use Elbow Grease Hot with silicone toys?”

Most of the information I’ve read on the subject suggests using water-based lubes with silicone toys. Oil-based lubes, while tending to be long-lasting, can damage certain materials. While you could do a spot-test on the silicone toy to see how an oil-based lube like Elbow Grease Hot reacts to the material, you don’t want to find out the hard way that Elbow Grease is going to wreck your favorite toy. Here are a couple of solutions.

Instead of an oil-based lube, why not try a water-based warming lubricant instead? System JO has put out a water-based lube that not only has warming qualities, but also is designed for anal use.

Still want to use that Elbow Grease Hot lube with a toy? Why not find an anal toy that would be compatible with an oil-based lube? Glass and steel toys can be used with any type of lube. Perhaps a glass plug like the Sexy Spades, Nubby Melon Crank or a metal dildo like the Njoy Pure Wand would work well slathered in a warming lube. But keep these points in mind: oil-based lube can stain, oil-based lube can wreck latex (in case a condom or another toy is going into your ass afterward), and Elbow Grease Hot is, well, hot. Not only spot-test your toys, but spot-test your hole too! You don’t want to find out the hard way that hot lube doesn’t feel all that hot deep in your butt.

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