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ona pit
The Ona Pit masturbation sleeve is another male masturbator from ToysHeart, the same company that produces the SI-X masturbators. The “Pleats” Ona Pit is one a few different closed-ended sleeves they make. When I saw the Ona Pit’s textured interior, I knew I wanted to give it a test run.

Unlike the SI-X (see my review), the Ona Pit is a smaller, looser-fitting sleeve. The size and shape of this thing is very similar to a little mitten or sock. The material – thermoplastic elastomer – feels stretchier yet just as study as the SI-X toys. Since the entire end of the toy is open, it’s much easier to slide your cock into this one. Just put some lubricant inside (ToysHeart recommends water-based lubes with this toy) and slide it over your erection. It should go on easy, like a short, thick-walled condom (that doesn’t need to be unrolled). Once you’ve penetrated the Ona Pit, you just grasp your penis through the sleeve and slide it up and down, applying just the right amount of pressure to feel the textures against your cock.

ona pit flat

The “Pleats” model had the most intriguing texture to me; the bottom half of the sleeve is lined with raised ribs that encircle the inside of the toy. Once your cock is past the ribs, you’ll find (and feel) that the tip is dotted with many soft pointy nubs. If you enjoy having the glans of your penis stimulated, these nubs might be just what you’re looking for. Personally, I found the pleats offered more stimulation than the nubs, but I tend to prefer less stimulation on the head of my cock, so it was a nice contrast for me.

onapit inside outInside out, to show interior texture

Another thing I liked about the Ona Pit that was a bit of a drawback in the SI-X is the weight of the toy. The Ona Pit feels a lot lighter and just sits there happily on your hard-on, even if you take a little break from stroking. With the SI-X, there was a lot more material in the toy, so it weighed a bit too much to just leave it sitting there, unless you were constantly holding on to it.

The Ona Pit is made of a smokey translucent material, so you’ll be able to see your dick inside the thing while you’re using it. This became a big plus for me when it was time to ejaculate, because I could pull the sleeve down tightly against my cock, so the tip of the toy was stretched tightly over the head of my dick. Seeing my cum burst out and then flood the tip of this nub-covered sleeve had a lot of appeal for me. Not only that, but being closed-ended, the Ona Pit keeps all of the semen and lubricant tucked inside until you’re ready to clean it.

Speaking of which, the Ona Pit is super-easy to clean. I just pumped some foaming soap into the sleeve and flushed it out with some hot water. In a few hours the toy was dry and ready to store. I’ve had my Ona Pit for awhile and it’s held up fine; no holes, tears or any sign of wear. For the price, this multi-use stroker should last you awhile, as long as you’re not too rough with it while you’re pumping away.

Since it comes packed in a flat foil sleeve (even includes a free lube packet), you could order a few of these and easily toss one in a bag for use while you’re traveling. In addition to the “Pleats” model that I’ve reviewed here, ToysHeart also has a “Sucker” model that is lined with – you guessed it – suckers; kind of like the ones you’d see on an octopus tentacle. Also check out the “Dots” and “Waves,” which are small bumps and squiggly textures respectively. These things are pretty affordable toys, so why not try more than one?

Want an Ona Pit Pleats masturbation sleeve of your own? Find the complete line of Ona Pit sleeves at:

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