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nexus-g-playYou’re looking to try anal play but most of the toys you see just seem too large for a newbie. Why not look at this bite-sized vibrating toy from Nexus?

In my search for some smaller vibrating anal toys, I came across what may be the smallest vibrating anal toy out there: the G-Play, a small vibrating massager from Nexus. The G-Play is available in three sizes (small, medium, large), but I found a good price on the smallest version and didn’t want to pass it up.

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The first thing to note about the small G-Play is that it is small. Seriously, it’s only about the length and thickness of my thumb. The insertable length is only 2.25″, with a width at less than an inch. Even though it’s sold as a unisex vibrator, you’ll note the toy bears a similar shape to many other toys designed for prostate stimulation.

The G-Play consists of two basic pieces: an inner plastic shaft which holds the vibrator and its battery (included; it’s a small AAAA battery). Fitted over this is a removable silicone sleeve which hugs the plastic core and wraps around the flat base of the G-Play.

Operation is simple, and its small size should make this an ideal toy for “anal virgins” as well as men who just want a little something extra during sex or masturbation. Simply lube the toy (water-based lube) and ease it into your ass. Unless you’re super-tight, you shouldn’t have any trouble whatsoever inserting the G-Play anally. In fact, once it’s inside, if you grip it with your ass muscles, it doesn’t feel too intrusive. If you’re used to bigger toys (or even if you’re not), you’re probably going to want something bigger if you crave the feeling of being filled.

Still, the G-Play offers some very nice vibrations, once the toy is clicked on. The vibrator has one steady speed and offers no other patterns, but is operated easily enough by clicking a small button adjacent to the battery compartment on the base. Speaking of which, the base is another nice feature of this toy. Since it’s small (but not small enough to lose the toy up inside), and flat, it’s perfect to use if you want to move around or stay seated while the vibrator does its thing. Because it’s not a long toy, it really didn’t reach my prostate, but the hum of the vibrator did offer some very nice sensations to my anal ring and the surrounding areas while I enjoyed an extended “seated” session.

The silicone sleeve is a nice smooth body-safe material, and since it peels right off the vibrator, it’s easy to clean it with soap and warm water, and you don’t have to worry about getting the vibrator wet.

In summary, I’d recommend the small G-Play to any guy who wants to experiment with anal play, but is hesitant to try a big toy. It’s also fun for those who just want to feel a steady buzz on/in their hole, especially if you’re looking for a good toy with a comfortable base to use while sitting. Anyone who needs length or girth in an anal toy, or wants something to poke and prod the P-spot, should look for a larger size or another toy altogether.

The Nexus G-Play is available in all three sizes from:

Image of the Nexus G-Play (small) fromĀ

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