Men Using Sex Toys on Tumblr

As of July 2013, Tumblr has decided to allow adult content on the blogs they host, so be sure to pay a visit to All Male Sex Toys on Tumblr, too!

“Men using sex toys on Tumblr”

“Guys and sex toys Tumblr”

“Male sex toys Tumblr”

Judging from the keywords combinations I see in my stats, people are finding this blog┬ábecause they’re looking for photos and videos of guys using sex toys. On Tumblr blogs. After Yahoo’s (which recently acquired Tumblr) decision this week to disallow search engines to index adult-interest blogs on the Tumblr network, to disable on-site searches of adult content (i.e. how people on Tumblr find what they’re looking for on Tumblr) and to eliminate the erotica categorization for its blogs, the only way users looking for adult content (naked pics, sex pics, video clips of men jacking off and sucking cock) is to find it directly.

The move is just one more recent blow to the adult internet; a few weeks ago Google sent out emails to all of its bloggers running adult-interest blogs on it’s popular Blogspot service, letting us know that any adult blogs which had links to revenue-generating content could face deletion under their new policies. To make things more insulting, adult bloggers were given only three days to go through entire blogs (some of which have been online for years) and delete any links to sites that could be deemed revenue-generating in nature.

Who knows what other changes are in store for adult bloggers, but these things usually seem to get worse before they get better. In the meantime, if you were searching for men using sex toys (on Tumblr), take a direct trip to the “sidekick” blog I started when I opened for business: AllMaleSexToys on Tumblr


This Tumblr blog simply features (occasional) photo reblogs of guys using dildos, buttplugs, Fleshlights and other masturbators, and men wearing cock rings. I might even reblog guys in fetish gear, if it seems suitable.*

*assuming Tumblr doesn’t delete the blogs altogether, which now seems entirely possible.

UPDATE July 22, 2013: According to the latest news, Tumblr has reversed its decision to remove adult blogs from internal and external searches. Here’s hoping this is a true reversal, and not just some stall tactic while the company figures out another route to censor this content.


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