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It’s been awhile since Fleshjack (the gay branch of Fleshlight) offered a new porn star masturbator and this week they really outdid themselves with a butt Fleshjack molded from the hole of young hunk and porn star Jake Orion.Unlike most of the Fleshjack porn star sets, there isn’t (yet?) a mouth masturbator or a silicone dildo, but check out how nice the butt turned out. Guys can enjoy sinking their cocks into a squishy, tight, puckered orifice that gives way to to a tight and wonderfully bumpy “Bulge” textured channel.

jo canvasWant to own the new Jake Orion Fleshlight? You can buy it, check out more pics of Jake Orion, see more details about this new masturbator, and check out the other Fleshjack Boys, especially if you’re looking for realistic dildos made of bodysafe silicone. Fleshjack has some of the best!



Want to see Jake naked? Check out these pics I found on Manhunt Daily. His ass is extremely hot, but after seeing the full frontal view, I’m praying Fleshjack releases a dildo of this young stud’s cock!

jake orion fleshjack dildo
UPDATE! – Fleshjack has indeed released a beautiful silicone dildo molded from Jake’s 9-inch cock. Visit the Fleshjack Boys Dildo page to order this big dick!

Model and product photos from Fleshjack

2 Comments on “Jake Orion Fleshlight Ass”

  1. Although you say in your Jake Orion update (above) that his Fleshjack dildo was molded from Orion’s cock, the FleskJack Boys Dildo page says otherwise. In fact, they describe Orion’s dildo as a replica of his dick, not molded directly from it. Lest you think I’m splitting hairs, ten of the fifteen dildos on the page are described as having been “molded straight” from the stars own dicks, the other five are promoted as “life like replicas.” That makes sense in Orion’s case because the dimensions of the dildo are actually smaller than Jake’s own cock. Buyer beware.

    1. Interesting comments! I guess I was under the impression that the Fleshlight silicone dildos were each molded from the respective porn star. Their site even says they “are molded from the actors themselves at our corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas.” While I haven’t seen the dildo in person, another review I read of the toy mentioned the detail on the surface of the toy. I’ll try to do a little research and try to find out if Fleshlight used a different process with this one. I wonder if perhaps it was made from a direct mold but the finished product was made smaller in an attempt to keep the costs down. I remember when Jeff Stryker had his molded, he claimed the company “added an inch,” so I guess it’s possible it’s not exact, even if a mold was made.

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