How to Massage the Frenulum with Toys

If you like rubbing the sweet spot on your dick until you’re brought to orgasm, you’ll love using these toys to stimulate that spot until you cum.

Add a question mark to How to Massage the Frenulum (maybe “how do I massage the frenulum?”) and you’ll get one of my blog’s most popular queries. I already responded to this search with a post called Masturbation Technique: Tickling the Frenulum, which gives an in-depth tutorial on how a guy can get himself off by rubbing the sweet spot under the head of his cock.

This time around, I’m posting a Sex Toy Guide for guys specifically looking for toys they can use to stimulate the frenulum. Get naked, grab your cock, and head straight for the sweet spot:

The Pulse from Hot Octopuss: without a doubt, this is my current favorite frenulum stimulation toy. It wraps perfectly around my dick and even feels great on my flaccid penis (doesn’t stay that way for long!)…the secret is in the oscillating “PulsePlate,” a raised pad that’s posistioned to buzz your sweet spot directly. Every orgasm I’ve had with the Pulse has felt so good. The nice thing about this toy is that you can wrap it around your dick even if you’re not erect. Soft or hard, the Pulse never fails to make me feel great. Now it’s your turn! Get it from Shevibe.5 toys salsa
The Salsa from We-Vibe
: I’d given up recommending the Salsa vibrator because they’re impossible to find; We-Vibe discontinued it despite its popularity. Men often like it (or love it) because the tip of this mini vibe works wonderfully on the sweet spot. It takes more effort for me to cum using my Salsa, but the bang – when it comes – is explosive. Guess what? I just found out Aneros is stocking it. Pick it up from Aneros! (Update: 11/2014 – nope, gone again!)5 toys pocket rocket
The Pocket Rocket from Doc Johnson: an affordable choice. One of the first toys I purchased specifically for frenulum stimulation was a Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket. It’s actually a mini vibrator (runs on one AA battery) whose design works pretty good when you rub your sweet spot with it. Three metal balls deliver the vibes, and a plastic cap with smaller nubs can be used for a slight alteration in the sensations. Get one in from AdultShopping.5 toys vibrating cock ring
The Big O2 Cock Ring from Screaming O: I actually learned about using a vibrating cock ring for frenulum massage when I saw a guy do it in a jack off video. He was clearly feeling good and had such a hearty orgasm that I knew I had to try it. Wrap the ring around the head of your cock and let the bullet drive vibrations deep into just the right spot. The extra bullet on the Big O2 ring gives nice stim to the back of your cock head. Get this ring from AdultShopping.5 toys vibrating bullet
A Vibrating Bullet: Probably the handiest toy to have around if you want to experiment with frenulum massage is the all-purpose vibrating bullet. There are tons of different models, but most of them are pretty much the same. As seen in this explicit JO video, affix the bullet to the top of your cock and let ‘er rip. Be sure to get one with an adjustable slider, so you can increase/decrease the intensity. Browse the selection of bullets at AdultShopping.

Other toys I’ve heard guys have used for frenulum massage that I’d like to try myself are:

Don’t have any of these toys handy, but still want to explore frenulum stimulation? Let me share a little trick with you: place a bit of your favorite lube on your fingertip and slowly use it to massage your sweet spot. Don’t masturbate in any of the traditional ways; just continue to rub your frenulum with your lubed finger tip until you feel your climax build and – finally – release. Will it take awhile? Probably. Will it take a lot of patience? Undoubtedly. Will you have a strong orgasm? Oh yeah!

Product images from: Pulse – Shevibe; Salsa – WeVibe; Pocket Rocket, Big O2 Ring & Colt Vibrating Bullet – AdultShopping


2 Comments on “How to Massage the Frenulum with Toys”

  1. yeah i loved your last tip for using your fingertip and a bit of patience! HELL i have been known to entertain myself on long drives by using my fingertip to rub my frenulum through my underwear and get a teasing nut!!

  2. The frenulum is my favorite part of the male anatomy. I’ve had friends that had no idea what frenulum contact would do in concentration. Needless to say, most guys cannot last very long rubbing frenulums not care too because the orgasm is so intense, and it seems one can recover for the next round faster than thru thrusting methods. Frot has become a big thing I’m into because of finding other men with this sexy sweet spot usually under the head near their circ scar. I’ve wanted to form a group thru my Tumblr for frenulum lovers and this article at least let’s me know that there’s more than just a hand full of guys into this. I recommend dick on dick direct frenulum stimulation if you haven’t tried it and are reading this. Maybe even with an egg vibe. Thinking about that has me clenching down.

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