The Fuck Machine from Fort Troff

fort troff fuck machine
Just when you thought Fort Troff couldn’t improve on its Sit-n-Fuck fuck machine, they roll out the Fort Troff Fuck Machine. Are you ready to get fucked?

The newer fuck machine is a device that rests on the floor and allows you – as the bottom – to get fucked on all fours, kneeling, or on your back with your legs spread and lifted. You simply attach one of the Sticky Bomb dildos that Fort Troff also stocks and power up the machine, which will slowly fuck the dildo in and out of your hole. What could be more fun than that?

The new machine is power driven (the old one was controlled by the bottom’s own rocking motions), so as a bottom who needs to be fucked, you can just position yourself and let the machine do the rest. While dildos are fun, nothing beats the in and out motion of a cock using your ass!

fort troff fuck machine 2

Want to learn more about Fort Troff’s newest fuck machine? Check out the details, loads of pics and even an X-rated demo video of an eager bottom getting his hole reamed. Just click the “F-Machine” tab on the site. Visit:

Product Images from Fort Troff


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