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fort-troff-nip-suckers-670x274I like nipple play, but I’m not really into the rough stuff. Fort Troff Nip Suckers go on easy and offer a nice suck-n-tug, just the right amount for me.

After writing up a review of the Fort Troff Magno Nip Tuggers, I knew I needed to include a follow-up review on another set of nipple toys Fort Troff sells: the Silicone Nip Suckers. Sold as a pair, the Suckers are soft and squeezable, and designed to press onto each nipple and gently draw the flesh into the cup. Leave them on long enough, and your nipples will become swollen and firm.

I picked up a pair of the Nip Suckers about a year ago, when I realized they shared a design similar to the rubber “snake bite kits” that had been popular for nipple play years ago. Sets like these, designed to suck poisoned blood out of snake bite wounds, also became popular for sucking, gripping and enlarging nipples, since they worked rather perfectly at this task.

The Nip Suckers Fort Troff stocks are made of silicone, which makes them very soft and very easy to squeeze. Unlike many nipple toys which grip or pinch the nipples with clamps (or magnets, ouch!), these Nip Suckers – when pressed into your nipples – create an airtight seal and slowly draw the nipple into the cups, which are a bit bigger than thimbles.

silicone-nip-suckersTo use the Silicone Nip Suckers, make sure your nipples and the area surrounding each aureola are free of hair, as this will inhibit the cups from obtaining the airtight seal needed to suck your nipples inside. Lining the inside of each cup with a dab (really, you don’t need much at all) of lotion or lip balm also helps create a seal, and offers some extra soothing when your nipples become swollen and sensitive. I also like to rub a tiny amount of lotion onto my nipples themselves.

Once you’re ready to go, simply hold the cup between your fingers and press the open end to your nipple. Give the cup a little squeeze, and – if the seal is tight – your nipple should be drawn up into the cup. It takes several minutes for my nipples to swell up enough to completely fill the cups, and I usually have to press down on the suckers once or twice, to expel any excess air from the interior.

During this process, your nipples should become thick, firm and very sensitive. I don’t personally prefer painful or intense nipple play, so these work perfectly for me. I love pinching (gently) my swollen nipples and giving the suckers long tugs to stretch. While these are a fun toy to use for solo use, my favorite way to use them is while receiving oral sex. I generally will toy with my nips while getting sucked, but wearing the Silicone Nip Suckers really makes for an intense experience. When I feel my orgasm near, I love to squeeze my swollen nipples, which usually helps stave off the impending climax. When I know I won’t be able to hold it back much longer, I switch to a tugging/milking motion, which really gets me squirming.

The Nip Suckers work on the same principles as a penis pump, so any extreme swelling you achieve while wearing them is greatly reduced as soon as the seal is broken and the cups come off. Even though extended use isn’t painful for me, there is a bit of discomfort if the suckers are kept on too long (the lotion really helps with this, I’ve found). If I find I need to remove the cups before I’m ready for orgasm, my nipples do stay puffy enough to make skin-to-skin contact more intense than if you were tweaking your nips without using the suckers at all. I’m sure men who do enjoy a little wicked nipple play could really enjoy having clamps or tuggers affixed to their swollen nipples, so these would be good for “nipple foreplay,” and they definitely give your partner more to pull/pinch/suck/bite/whatever. I know some men use toys like these on a regular basis to gradually increase the size and sensitivity of their nipples. I don’t have any first-hand experience with this, as I just use them occasionally for a little added sensation.

Fort Troff sells the Silicone Nip Suckers as a pair in three colors: black, red (pictured) and clear. (As of early 2015, they are not stocking red.) I chose the clear set, so I could see how swollen my nipples become while wearing them, but I find the two solid colors to be appealing as well, especially if you pair them with a like-colored cock ring.

Find your own Silicone Nip Suckers from:

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Silicone Nip Suckers image from Fort Troff


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  1. Hi I’m really interested in the Fort Troff Nip Suckers. I want to make my nips ling and thick with out them looking hard and bumpy. I think your nipples suckers would be great. I just can’t seem to figure out how to order them. Also is there a cock ring that goes around the nust and base of the penis that helps to keep you hard and prlong ejaculation. If there is I hope it’s a product you offer.

    1. Hi, unfortunately Fort Troff doesn’t stock this type of nipple sucker currently. They do offer larger types of a different design. If you are looking for the ones similar to the suckers in the photos, I’d check out Supple Nipps. I believe these are the manufacturer of the ones Fort Troff used to sell. They sell them on their site in small and medium sizes (clear only) –

      If you’re looking for larger sizes, there’s a fetish shop called Mr. S Leathers that still has the bigger ones (I wouldn’t recommend these for small nips or beginning nip play; you have to work up to these sizes) – scan this page for “Supple Nipps.”

      I’m hoping to review the new types of suckers Fort Troff currently sells, and I’ll post a review when I do. 🙂

      As for a good cock ring, I’d try the Tantus Super Soft: or the Ring O: or the new silicone single strap from Blush Novelties which I just reviewed:

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