Fort Troff Sale

Cock rings, and jockstraps, and toys for boys…fuck yes! It’s that time of year again. Gay-friendly sex toy retailer Fort Troff is offering deep discounts on loads of their best products. Like these:

  • Cock Rings and Ball Stretchers
  • Lots of dildos!
  • Prostate Massagers and other anal toys!
  • Masturbators, Nip Toys, and Electrogear
  • Jocks and Other Gear
  • Lots of items are paired with freebies or bonus items!

Check back for updates, because they sometimes add new items, or offer even steeper discounts. But get these products at these prices while you can, because once they’re gone, they might be gone for good. The Fort Troff sale only comes twice a year, so enjoy these savings while they last. Always be sure to check the Fort Troff online store for current pricing and availability. And happy shopping!

Fort Troff Sale*


*Just look for the red banner on the main page that says SALE – SHOP NOW

Product images from Fort Troff

2 Comments on “Fort Troff Sale”

  1. I’m new at this and have bought the Vice and the Hugo and from what I see on some videos is that these aren’t doing it for me. I think they aren’t deep enough and the vibrations aren’t strong enough. So where do you go from here. I see some guys with just regular vibrating dildos better off than what I have? Another question is rather what I need is something like the estim anal probe. Before I dish out another couple of hundred I need some expert opinion.

    1. Isn’t it frustrating when a sex toy that works great for another guy doesn’t do anything for you? I’ve had little luck with the Aneros toys giving me so-called “prostate orgasms” and it seems like most guys who have success with those put in a lot of work learning how to control their anal muscles/relaxation/etc. I’ve read good reviews on the Hugo, but have not tried it. Have you tried using a nice (longer) silicone dildo? It doesn’t even have to be a vibrating model. I’ve had good times with the Tantus Pack-n-Play 2. With a longer toy, you can explore your insides and find out where exactly your prostate sits and what positions you have to come at it to stimulate it. You might want to try a silicone dildo or an anal probe that’s a bit longer than many prostate massagers. For some guys, their P-spot is a little deeper. Or maybe it’s not as deep as you think it is. Before you add vibrations, play around without them until you find your prostate and learn what kind of stimulation makes it react in a pleasurable way. Once you’ve had some fun without the vibes, you can add them in later to see if things get even more interesting. One toy I really like is Evolved Novelties’ Get a Grip. It’s a hard plastic prostate massager that has a vibrator built into the tip. For me, at least, this offers some incredible direct P-spot stimulation with the added pleasure of against-the-nuts vibration. Even in non-vibrating mode, the Get a Grip can feel good. One last thing, if you visit the Aneros site, you’ll find a very nice message forum with tips, tricks, and first-hand stories from guys who have learned how to master their Aneros prostate massagers. You’ll probably find lots of instruction and inspiration on this forum, and might even be able to find new ways to get that Aneros Vice to work for you. Good luck with your prostate play.

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