My Fort Troff Shopping Experience

fort-troff-reviewIf you’re the type of guy who can go from mild to wild just by putting on some hot gear or using some hot toys, Fort Troff is just the place for you.

Earlier this year, I placed a toy order with Fort Troff. I reviewed a couple of the products from that order (Magno Nip Tuggers and Chubby Cock Rings), I decided today to post about my shopping experience. From a toy buyer’s standpoint, I like hearing about the ordering/shipping/customer service details other toy lovers relate. If it’s a store I haven’t patronized before, knowing the good and the (potentially) bad about a company helps me decide if I’m going to give them a shot.

Fort Troff is a US-based toy company that stocks a variety of toys geared toward gay men. Though most of the products they carry can be used and enjoyed by guys of all sexual persuasions, the site – with its hardcore images of guys using toys together – is marketed at gay buyers. The product line leans toward the sweatier, dirtier side of sex and masturbation, with hairy/inked/sweaty models showing off the latest gear from Fort Troff in exclusive photos and videos. The company clearly wants its customers to bring out their “inner sex pigs,” and offers plenty of products to do this.

fort-troff-grunt-jockstrapJust one of the hot jockstraps from the Fort Troff gear collection

Fort Troff carries lots of anal toys (plugs, probes, dildos and big dildos), masturbation toys, various lubes, gear for your cock and balls (rings, stretchers), and gear for your body (lots of jockstraps, sports gear, fetish wear). Fetishists and guys who like to walk on the wilder side will find lots of unique items, like bondage gear, nipple apparatus, slings and rim chairs.

Not only is the Fort Troff website loaded with great hardcore images of guys modeling and using the products, but many of the items even have video clips that show the toys and gear being used. If you’ve ever looked at a nicely posed promotional image of a sex toy and wondered what you could do with it, you’ll wonder a lot less once you’ve seen some of Fort Troff’s toys being used by real guys. If you like the looks of the site, the men and the toys, you’re going to want to subscribe to the Fort’s weekly newsletter. Not only does this email let you know about new items and sales, but it’s loaded down with more great photos of guys and their toys. Seriously, Fort Troff knows how to show off their stuff.

Ready to take the Fort Troff Colon Snake

It was this newsletter that tipped me off to a nice sale, which prompted my latest order. Ordering on the site is very easy. You can add any item to your shopping cart, and easily select the preferred size/color options when multiple versions are offered. Even if you don’t subscribe to the newsletter (and why wouldn’t you want to?), if the Fort is running a sale, you’ll notice that right at the top of the navigation menu, which conveniently breaks down their line by category, so you can go right for the stuff that gets you going. New items are also listed in a separate section, so you can check out the latest and greatest.

Not quite sure about a toy you’ve got your eye on? Be sure to check and see if it has any user reviews. You’ll see these listed on the product description page, and it’s always nice to read about the fun another guy’s had while using one of the Fort Troff toys.

Once your cart is full and you’re ready to check out, first time buyers will need to create an account, which is a quick process and helps a lot with keeping tabs on your current order status, and makes future orders a little easier. Fort Troff uses UPS to ship their stuff, and you’ll get an email the same day it ships, complete with tracking information. You’ll find your order arriving in a sturdy, plain cardboard box, with “F.T.” on the label. You’ll be able to identify your package by the strip of camouflage tape that seals the box. I loved this little touch.

I’ve never received an order from Fort Troff that wasn’t nicely packed. Items like stretchy cock rings and nipple toys are always sealed in little plastic bags, to keep everything clean and tidy until you’re ready to tear them open and start using them. I’ve never received an order from the Fort that didn’t contain at least one little freebie or sample. The Ring O cock rings I’ve grown to love were a staple in past orders, and this time around I was sent a little sample of the Cum Lube that Fort Troff sells. Since I’ve always wanted to try this stuff, this was a great little addition to my order (review to follow).

Drenched with Fort Troff Cum Lube

Though I had no issues with this order, I do recall a past order where one of the cock rings I purchased arrived with a little problem. In that instance, I contacted the company by email and the issue was handled quickly and professionally. I was sent a new cock ring right away, and they even threw in a bottle of lube to make up for the inconvenience. With every order I’ve placed, I’ve always received a follow-up email several days later, in which someone from the company asks about my items and inquires about any issues that need taking care of. Buyers remember this kind of great customer service, and it’s this kind of good treatment that keeps us coming back. Fort Troff is a company that I’ve used myself repeatedly, and one I’ve recommended to friends who love toys. And based on my experiences – past and present – I’m happy to recommend the Fort to you. Now go:

Visit Fort Troff


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5 Comments on “My Fort Troff Shopping Experience”

    1. Sorry you had a bad experience with Fort Troff. I’ve ordered from them several times over the last few years and haven’t had any problems. Customer service has always been great to me. Any other guys want to weigh in on their own – good or bad – experiences? Feel free to add a comment.

  1. Fort Troff: I too have had only fabulous experience. After each order I receive an email inquiring into my experience. Prompt shipping.

  2. Package was delivered early, love the camouflage tape. The jock looks. and fits great, and is well made. Looks great on, I’ve been told, and comfortable. Plus they threw in a sample of cum lube for me to try? It’s on my next order.

  3. Fort troff has excelent quality products and excelent customer service. I bought a robo rimmer and i was so dissapointed when i lost the charging cable. I asked if they sold it seperately and they replied that they would be shipping out a new ome too me free of charge with a complimentary 8 oz. Bottle of their cum lube which is also amazing i always wanted to try it! They have nothing but my highest praise and will continue to buy nowhere else. Awesome awesome awesome!!!

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