Fort Troff Penetrator & Thug Double Fucker

fort-troff-double-penetratorAre you and a fuck buddy looking for a way to try double anal penetration? Have your top strap on one of these silicone double penetration dildos.

I have to hand it to Fort Troff, they are always finding the wildest toys for guys. This pair – the Penetrator and the Thug Double Fucker – are a couple of unique silicone dildos from the Oxballs line of toys. They’re kind of a cock ring, and sort of a dildo, and maybe a cock sheath, and probably a dream come true for bottoms who want to experience the sensation of double penetration with just one top on hand.

Made of silicone, the Penetrator and Thug Double Fucker are cock-shaped dildos whose shafts slim down and hollow out to accommodate a hard cock. Kind of like the other Oxball strap-on type of toys that hook behind a guy’s nuts, these dongs have a base that’s round and open…just like a cock ring. You or your top simply stretches the ring around your dick and nuts, allowing the dildo portion to rest above your cock. Got a hard-on? Notice the slight hollow indentation on the underside of the toy to accommodate your meat.

7 inch Penetrator

Now of course, with one cock stacked on top of another, the most obvious use for this toy is to allow a bottom the experience of feeling two cocks in his ass at the same time. Of course, not every guy wants (or is able) to have this happen, but there are other uses as well.

Enjoy strap-on sex? Bottoms who need it right now will delight in feeling the Penetrator or the Thug Double Fucker work their holes open if your own cock is not quite up to the task (Not hard yet? Difficult or impossible to get hard? Just shot your wad and need a breather?). Maybe bottoms don’t want to feel two dicks at once, but they’d love to feel them alternate…so give them just that, taking turns with the toy and your own cock. If you’re getting a little close to the point of no return while you’re topping your partner, slide out and replace your cock with the toy.

thug-double-fucker9-inch Thug Double Fucker

Solo use? Given the material and the shape (check out that beautiful head!), I see no reason why either one of these toys couldn’t double as a solo-use dildo. Lube it up, and have some fun on your own. The ring at the base would make a great handle.

I’m not sure if I’m quite ready to try double penetration, but I’m definitely adding one of these toys (probably the Penetrator) to my short list of “Toys I Want to Try.” I’ve been eager to try some strap-on sex with a willing partner, and I think we’d both find some fun uses for this.

The Penetrator is 7 inches in length, with a 5 inch girth. Like it even bigger/thicker? Check out the Thug Double Fucker, which sports a nine inch length and an even bigger girth at 6 inches around. Both are available from Fort Troff (in the Cock Extenders section), along with a lot of other great toys for your hole.  Visit:

Images of the Penetrator and Thug Double Fucker from Fort Troff

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