Fort Troff Magno Nip Tuggers Review

magno nip tuggersLooking for some nipple play that has real bite? These little magnetic metal balls might look tame, but they’re going to bite down hard on your nips.

As a longtime fan of Fort Troff’s Silicone Nipple Suckers (review here), I’ve had a want for the Magno Nip Tuggers for as long as they’ve sold them. Since I placed an order recently, I figured it was time I added a set to my shopping cart, so I could finally give them a try.

If you haven’t heard of Magno Nip Tuggers before, what you get are four round pea-sized stainless steel magnetic balls that are extremely powerful. The way the Tuggers work: you pinch one of your nips, and place one of the balls on either side. The magnetic pull is so intense that the balls grab each other through your flesh and hold on tight.

While I’ve been using the Silicone Nipple Suckers on and off for awhile, I don’t consider myself a “hardcore” nipple play participant, and as soon as I saw how difficult it was to pry the magnetic balls apart, I knew the experience was going to be far too intense for my personal tastes. And yet, like a moron (a horny moron, anyhow), I gave it a shot.

Even when the package flew out of my hand (oh wow, magic!) and attached itself to the steel leg of a nearby chair, I still didn’t back out. I tried two of the balls out on my thumb, just to see how powerful they were, and whether or not they were easy to put into place and how well they’d stay put. The answers: plenty powerful enough to grip each other through the front/back of my thumb, yet it didn’t stay in one spot; they flew off and smacked together, before dropping to the floor. To be fair, the sleek surface of a thumbnail probably isn’t the best place to anchor a large round magnetic ball. Still, I was determined to at least try the Magno Nip Tuggers on my nipples.

magno-nip-tuggersI managed to pry the two balls apart again and kept them separated long enough to pinch and pull my right nipple away from my chest. I placed one Magno Tugger against the side and reached for the other. Before I could even position the second ball, it flew away from my fingertips, and smacked against the first ball, which in turn zipped forward. The two came together with snap, on the tip of my nipple. If you enjoy the sensation of having this spot bitten hard, you’re going to love these things. Myself, I yanked them off and spent the rest of the day alternately rubbing my sore nipple and inspecting the little pinprick of a bruise it left behind.

In the words of Hannibal Lecter, I guess I need to “toughen my nipples” quite a bit more before I attempt to use these babies again. But after my aborted attempt, I couldn’t help but think of a fuck buddy who can be brought to orgasm just by having his nipples roughly pinched, pulled and even chewed on. I think he and I are going to have some fun with these, one of these nights!

Do you have nips of steel? Do you like your nips treated roughly and then cry out for more? If you think you can handle it, you can get a set of four (two pair) Magno Nip Tuggers directly from Fort Troff. And lest you think no guys are loving these, check out the dozen-plus positive reviews on the site!

Think I’m a big baby who can’t handle the more intense pleasure you can receive (above the waist)? Be sure to check out the Fort’s EXTRA STRENGTH Magno Nip Tuggers, and have at it. Find them (under Nipple Play) at:

Want something not-so-intense, but still hot? Read my review of Fort Troff’s Silicone Nip Suckers.

Image of Magno Nip Tuggers from Fort Troff


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