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Fort Troff just came out with a new set of nipple clamps – Jumper Clamps – and I knew I needed to give them a try. I’m kind of a lightweight when it comes to nipple play. I really enjoy pinching, pulling, and twisting my own nipples during masturbation and sex, but it’s usually too much when another guy does it for me. There are certain toys that work well for my level of nipple play, and others that are way too intense.

You can read my earlier reviews of other nipple toys I’ve tried from Fort Troff. Their popular Magno Nip Tuggers were way too powerful for my tender nipples, but the silicone Nip Suckers were absolutely perfect, making my nips swell up like little fingertips that could be gently tugged, tweaked, and teased. I’m sorry to say that Fort Troff isn’t currently stocking these little wonders, but I was eager to give their newest product in nipple play a try.

Unlike the Nip Suckers, the Jumper Clamps aren’t pumps to make your nipples swell. They’re more along the lines of the Magno Nip Tuggers, designed to clamp down on your nipples and offer some intense stimulation. While the magnetic tuggers were too powerful for me and felt like someone biting (hard!) on my nips, I was hopeful that the Jumper Clamps would be less intense. Fort Troff describes them as having “oversized pads” that help grip your flesh and keep them secure. This seemed like a great feature, because so many metal clamps are hard and sharp.

The clamps arrive – two to a set – attached to either end of a foot-long silicone cord. While it might seem smarter to have the clamps unattached to anything, the benefits of the cord were apparent once I started using them. But more on that later in my review. The clamps themselves are lightweight and made of black plastic. Each clamp comes affixed with the promised pads, which are little red silicone grips that – while not thick or squishy – have a light grid texture on them, to help grip your nips.

Like their metal counterparts, to use these clamps you simply pinch them open and place each side of the clamp on either side of your nipple. The clamp will bite down and feel like someone is pinching your nipple between their fingers. The clamps aren’t at all adjustable, so if your nipples are sensitive (like mine) you’ll probably need to reposition them. Where you position the clamps seems to determine how much “bite” they have. For me, the closer to the tip I get, the more intense it feels. Clamping them there was pretty intense for me, so I moved them further down onto the thicker part of my nips until the pinch was more pleasure/less pain. Even though there isn’t a way to adjust the intensity, the clamps are very easy to remove if things get a little too intense or you just need a break from them. You can either reposition a clamp(s) or remove it entirely. And now for that silicone cord.

I wanted to grow a little accustomed to the pinching sensation before I started tugging away on my clamps, but after awhile I was ready to tug. While you can pull and tweak each clamp individually, the cord makes a great way to apply pressure to both clamps at once, using only one hand. You can even extend your thumb upwards to tug on the cord while using the other fingers on the same hand to rub the tip of your cock. Even better, you can put the cord in your teeth. Yes, you read that right. By controlling the tug with your mouth, you don’t even need your hands to yank on your nipples. This feels especially great if you enjoy having both nipples tugged as your climax builds, or during orgasm itself. And as you would expect, the cord comes in handy during sex, too, especially if you want your nipples tugged while your hands are busy doing other things. And unlike metal clamps with metal chains, the silicone cord not only fits nicely in your teeth, but won’t get caught on body hair or skin.

There’s not much else to say about the Fort Troff Jumper Clamps. The clamps are simply constructed, easy to use, and serve their intended purpose. While they might be too intense for guys with exceptionally sensitive nipples, they’re probably going to be a great deal of fun for guys who love a moderate level of nipple play. You can find the Jumper Clamps with the silicone cord attached, or even order a five pack of clamps only if you want more than two (cock and balls clamps anyone?) and like to share with fuck buddies.

Find them in COCK > BALL > NIP PLAY section of the Fort Troff gear store:


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