Fort Troff Buzz Bullet Review

fort troff buzz bullet 3If you’re anything like me, you’ve used a plastic vibrating bullet or egg and wondered, “Why can’t I put this up my hole?” Even though you know it would feel great, you’re not sure it would be a smart idea. Luckily, the men at Fort Troff must have been thinking the same thing, because they came out with the Fort Troff Buzz Bullet. And it does just what you’ve always wanted a vibrating bullet to do!

So let’s look at a “regular” vibrating bullet first. These things usually consist of a plastic egg covered in some kind of “chrome” paint, attached to a controller by means of a fairly long and fairly skinny plastic-coated wire. In theory, you’d think this would be a perfect anal toy. The eggs (as they are sometimes called) are just the right size to pop into a horny butthole, and wouldn’t it feel great if it was nestled right up against your prostate? I mean, the main drawback of so many vibrating prostate massagers is that the vibrating part is outside the hole (i.e. nowhere near your prostate). So putting one of these eggs right up against your P-spot seems like a really really good idea. But….

The egg is made of plastic. The egg is coated in some kind of shiny paint that you might not want up inside your (potentially) juicy hole. The wire connecting the egg to the controller is skinny. Very skinny. Skinny like, “What if I clench down on this plastic egg and try to pull it out and the wire rips loose and suddenly I’ve got a stray plastic egg up inside my ass with no way to get it out?” And then there’s the “clean” issue. Meaning, how clean can a plastic egg attached to a thin plastic wire stay after it’s been up your butt? It’s not like you can put the toy in your bathroom sink when you’re done and feel confident you’ve gotten it adequately sanitized. There are countless vibrating eggs out there for sale, and they all have pretty much the same design. Why couldn’t someone coat the entire thing in something like silicone, so you could safely insert it up your butt without having to worry that it’s going to come apart? And make it easy to clean when you’re done. Fort Troff did it. And it’s called the Fort Troff Buzz Bullet.

The minute I saw this sex toy on the Fort Troff site I knew I had to have it. It was like someone had taken every desire I had about putting a plastic vibrating bullet up my ass, then addressed every concern about its safety and turned it into a, well, anal dream come true. Not only is the vibrating egg coated, but it’s coated in a sleek body-safe silicone. You know that skinny plastic cord I was talking about? The wiring for the Buzz Bullet is also coated in silicone, buried in a (relatively) thick silicone stem that extends all the way to a finger grip/handle that also doubles as an anal-safe base. And this is covered in silicone, too! Why is this important? Not only is the wiring covered, but you won’t have to worry about it coming detached from the egg. And since silicone is non-porous, you can clean it very easily when you’re all done, and you won’t have to worry about shorting out the electrical components since the wiring is safely covered. The grip at the end is designed as an anal-safe base, so it keeps the bullet from going all the way into your hole, where you wouldn’t be able to retrieve it otherwise. If you’re using the Buzz Bullet for prostate play, you won’t have to send it that far up your ass, but it’s nice to have the longer stem in case you want to weasel that thing farther up your butt.

So how did the Buzz Bullet work? The first thing I noted when I received my Buzz Bullet was that the bullet itself is a little larger than those silver plastic ones. I mean you can’t put a coating of silicone on a bullet and expect it to stay the same size. Still, this bullet seemed quite a bit bigger, so be sure to expect that if you order one. Fort Troff lists the length of the bullet alone as 2.75 inches, with a circumference of 4.75 inches. While it might be bigger than a regular plastic vibrating egg, this thing is still smaller than most toys you’re going to stick up your butt. You will want to lube it generously, though. Since the silicone stem that connects the bullet with the grip is pretty bendy, you’re going to want as much lube as possible to keep the toy moving up your chute once you pop it inside. If it’s prostate pleasure you’re after, you shouldn’t have to work it too far inside, but without a stiff stem, the toy was a little challenging to insert. Lots of lube will help. I used Fort Troff’s Cum Lube, which is a great silicone/water-based hybrid lubricant that works fine with this toy, but any good anal lube should do the trick. Avoid any lubes with oil in them, and it’s always smart to spot-test a lubricant that contains silicone before using it with silicone toys, just to be safe. Work extra lubricant into your hole, and if you’re uncomfortable using your fingers to push it in, consider using a lube shooter, which is a fancy name for a plastic syringe that injects a bunch of lube up your butt (works nicely for anal sex, too!). If you want a big shooter, Fort Troff stocks a large one in the FT Lube section of their online store.

fort troff buzz bulletAs you can see from the product photos, the Buzz Bullet has a thick “boxy” shape, unlike the more egg-shaped plastic bullets. The tip of the bullet is slightly rounded, but it gets pretty wide pretty quickly. Like I said, plenty of lube, plenty of lube. Don’t try to force it in. As with all anal toys, taking it slowly and relaxing really is the best way if you haven’t had a lot of experience with anal penetration. With vibrating anal toys, I generally leave the vibrator turned off until I get the toy inside me. This helps to focus on the penetration, and I find it’s easier to relax my anal muscles if they’re not being stimulated by a vibrator. This toy isn’t even three inches long, so once your hole relaxes enough to take the tip of the bullet, the rest is going to slide in pretty quickly. Once it’s in, your hole is going to close up around the much thinner stem. Again, you’ll want to grease this part of the toy with lots of lubricant and gently continue working it inside your hole. If prostate stimulation is what you’re going for, keep easing the bullet inside. If you’re not sure where your prostate is located, keep squeezing your sphincter muscles (squeeze as if you were trying to stop yourself from pissing); your prostate will send out a nice tingle or jolt when you bear down and something (like the Buzz Bullet) is right up against it. Feel that? Just move the bullet around to find the spot where it feels the best. Remember to take deep breaths and stay relaxed. This is supposed to feel good. And it will.

Once you’ve positioned the bullet in the spot of your choice, go ahead and start the vibrations. The controller for the Buzz Bullet is separate from the toy itself and is connected to the bottom of the grip by another cord (which also seems to be silicone coated; easy clean up, easy clean up!) that runs about 16 inches in length. What’s great about this is you can keep the controls out from between your legs. There’s nothing more frustrating than a vibrating toy with multiple settings whose controller is attached to the base of the toy which is – when in use – pressed up against your hole or taint. You’re trying to enjoy the pleasure the toy is giving you, and your fingers are scrambling around behind your balls trying to adjust the controls. Not with this toy. Not only is the controller more accessible, but it’s pretty simple to use. There’s an On/Off button which, surprise, turns the bullet on or off. I love this simple feature, mostly because there are times when you want to quickly turn a toy off and don’t want to have to fumble with sketchy buttons and cycle through eight different settings to return to the Off setting. Want the bullet off? Just hit the power button and it stops rumbling immediately.

Separate from the On/Off button is a second one that controls the speed and patterns. Oh yes, another fun feature that sets this thing apart from many other plastic bullets. While the “low” setting is nice and rumbly, you’re probably going to want to speed things up a little at some point. Click the second button to change the speed/force of the vibrator. There are three intensities of vibrations, each one a little stronger than the last. Handy red lights on the controller will easily tell you what level you’re currently at, in case you’re too blissed out to remember. If steady vibrations are too much for you, the Buzz Bullet is outfitted with four great patterns too. Cycle past the three steady vibes and enjoy these:

  • steady pulses
  • a setting that starts out slow and rumbly and works its way to a steady vibe before dropping back down to low and rumbly again
  • another start and stop pattern, this one holds the vibe longer before restarting
  • finally, a nice combination pattern – three short bursts followed by a longer vibe

All of these patterns repeat indefinitely, at least until the batteries drain. Speaking of which, your Buzz Bullet is powered by two AAA batteries that can be easily replaced by sliding off the back of the controller. Fort Troff is nice enough to include your first two batteries, but you might want to invest in some rechargeable batteries, that way you can always have a set ready to pop in when you need them.

The vibrations on this toy are pretty decent, easily as good as any plastic vibrating egg I’ve tried. The Buzz Bullet feels amazing up inside my hole and really is the perfect vibrator for direct prostate stimulation. Even if you’re not using it to hum against your P-spot, this thing is still pretty pleasurable. The ultra-sensitive opening to your butt is going to twitch like crazy whether you’re vibrating it from the outside, the inside, or can manage to hold the bullet in the grasp of your hole for a mind-blowing sensation. Even working the bullet as far in as it will go is going to feel good. Once you’ve reached orgasm with this thing inside you, power down the vibrator and gently ease it back out. Popping the bullet out might take some extra relaxation on your part, because your hole usually tenses up when you climax, and you need to widen your hole a little more when the thicker bullet portion of the toy needs to be extracted. Once you’ve removed the toy, clean everything with soap and water. It’s that easy!  Now your Buzz Bullet is ready for your next anal adventure.

Whether you’re looking for a vibrating toy for on-the-P-spot pleasure, or needing that bullet you can finally insert up your ass, be sure to give Fort Troff’s Buzz Bullet a try. It was such a good find to discover a silicone-coated bullet that could safely be used for anal stimulation! Thanks to Fort Troff for realizing this need and offering a toy to fill it. As I write this review (end of August 2016), Fort Troff has the Buzz Bullet offered up in their bi-annual Sale. I’m hoping this just means the Buzz Bullet is on sale and not “on clearance sale.” I’ll update this post accordingly, in case (gulp) Fort Troff removes this little wonder from their arsenal. That said, you’d better get over there and snap one up if you want a Buzz Bullet. Find it at:

Fort Troff*


*currently listed under DONGS >>> BUZZ (Be sure to look at the hot pics & hardcore demo video, too!)

Fort Troff’s Newest Buzz Bullet!

UPDATE: DECEMBER 2016 — The original Buzz Bullet is not currently being offered on Fort Troff, but it’s been replaced by a new and improved version — The Buzz Bomb Fury! What’s new? The separate corded controller has been replaced by one embedded right in the base. No loose wires! Now instead of requiring batteries, the Buzz Bomb Fury is rechargeable. Just plug it in to any USB port and get it ready for your hole. Looks like there is a new vibration setting on this newer version. I haven’t yet tried this out, but I’ll update the site with a new review when I do. Find the Fort Troff Buzz Bomb Fury under Dongs >> Buzz.

Product images from Fort Troff


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