Fleshjack Gape Soda Masturbator

fleshjack-gape-sodaMaybe you’ve been thinking about a Fleshlight, but you’re looking for something a little smaller, a bit more discreet. But hot enough to make you pop.

I purchased my new Fleshjack “Jack’s Soda” toy about a year ago, after giving one of Fleshlight’s standard models a test drive. Fleshjack masturbators are the line marketed to its gay customers, and with the hunky male models and brightly colored ads, the soda can styled masturbators definitely caught my eye right away.

If you’re not familiar with the Fleshlight/Fleshjack toys, each is basically comprised of two pieces: a long flesh-like sleeve into which the user inserts his hard cock, and a harder plastic case which holds the sleeve during use, doubling as a storage device when you’re not using your Fleshjack. The popular larger models are shaped like flashlights, giving the toy its name, as well as a somewhat discreet-looking appearance when it’s stashed in your cabinet or bedside table.

The “Jack’s Soda” line – like the promotional materials – are brightly-colored and have the general appearance of a soda can. Given the fact that the outer case is made of plastic and labeled with names like “Gape Soda” and “Cherry Pop,” the appearance is more of a novelty than a cleverly disguised sex toy. The cans are noticeably larger than a standard 12-ounce soda can, but if you compare them to one of the regular Fleshlights, you’ll notice immediately that the can models are a smaller size, so if you’re blessed with a big honkin’ cock (or you prefer a little more “wiggle room” in your penetrable sex toys), pay close attention to the product dimensions when you order your new Fleshjack.

Since the soda can Fleshjacks aren’t as large, they sport a smaller price too, which was one of the things that appealed to me. Since I don’t like an overly-tight masturbator, I quickly ruled out the “Cherry Pop” version, which boasts a tighter anal opening, as well as a snugger channel. The oral simulator – the “Banana Cream” – comes equipped with a sensuous (though relatively small) mouth that sinks into Fleshjack’s “swallow” texture, but it still bills this as a “tighter…much tighter” version of the larger Fleshjack oral simulators. I figured the “Gape Soda” model – with it’s larger anal opening – would be the best fit for me. I found the soft rippled anal texture opening into a slightly larger (gaping) hole to have a nice visual appeal, and the bumpy internal texture was certainly eye-catching, so this is the one I ordered.

fleshlight gape soda 2When the Gape Soda masturbator arrived, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I’d read a few first-hand reviews of the Fleshjack masturbators, and knew it would make the experience even better to soak the removable sleeve in a basin filled with hot water. I let the sleeve float for about fifteen minutes and then placed it back in the can. Each Jack’s Soda masturbator can has two screw-top lids: one on the bottom, and one on the top. This makes it easier to remove the sleeve for warming and cleaning, but it also allows for an easy modification that will really improve the toy if you sport a longer than average penis. (Since the sleeve – at 6.80 inches – is about three inches shorter than a regular Fleshlight/Fleshjack, you don’t need to be packing a nine-inch dick to utilize this tip.) The upper-most cap, which covers the wider, thicker orifice portion of the toy, is quite a bit longer than the bottom cap, which covers the end of the sleeve, and also controls – by tightening or loosening – the amount of air allowed into the internal channel. By removing both caps and replacing the smaller bottom one with the longer top cap, you’ve just given your cock more room to move around and thrust. I found that this makes a big difference in how the toy feels. Coupled with the water-warmed sleeve, adjusting the cap on the end should really give you a great experience.

Once I had it ready for use, I poured a generous amount of lube into the toy and then coated my cock. Even though the toy boasts a “gaping” hole, it’s still pretty tight. Loosen the cap as much as you can during penetration, because creating a vacuum at this stage will make it a lot more difficult to slide into the chute. As you penetrate, you’ll notice both the fantastic texture rubbing your shaft, followed by the warmth of the interior, thanks to the hot bath you’ve given your toy.

Personally, I like to take slow, long strokes, pushing the entire can down on my cock, and then sliding it all the way off. If you were actually fucking a gaping hole, this is known as long-dicking, but I’m not sure it applies to sex in a can. It feels nice, though. Once you’re ready to feel the Fleshjack tug at your cock, slide almost all the way in, and then tighten the cap to adjust the amount of “pull” the vacuum creates. For me, doing this always makes me finish quickly, not that I’d last too long the other way. Another fun thing to try is spinning the can around once you’ve penetrated. This is a great way to experience the bumpy interior texture, and the can holder makes it easy to rotate while you’re inside.

Once you’ve blown your load, clean-up is made easy by removing both caps and merely running warm water through the channel to rinse out any lube or cum. Fleshjack cautions against using soap on your toy, as this will hasten the deterioration process. Isopropyl alcohol can be used if you need something more than water alone. Once you’ve rinsed the sleeve, carefully remove it from the plastic can and set it someplace safe to dry out. Once it’s dry, sprinkle some corn starch on the exterior orifice of the sleeve, to keep your Fleshjack feeling smooth and soft (otherwise it’ll become gummy over time). Fleshjack also recommends against using baby powder in lieu of corn starch, especially if you own any clear Fleshlight toys.

As tight as the opening and chute are, you’re going to need lube with your Jack’s Soda, and since Fleshjack toys are made of a Real Feel Super Skin® material, you can only use water-based lubes with these toys, as silicone or oil-based lubes will probably cause your Fleshjack to deteriorate.

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Images of the Fleshjack Gape Soda from Fleshjack

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