Fifi Male Masturbator: My Review

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The Fifi is a different take on a familiar style of male masturbator. What if you desired a masturbation toy you could penetrate, but wanted a design that had a more discreet appearance and was easier to clean up? Maybe the Fifi “Sex Toy For Men” is just what you’re looking for.

The folks at Fifi contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I’d be willing to try one of their products in exchange for a review. I said I’d enjoy trying one, and soon after a Fifi package showed up in my mail. Honestly, when I’d previously seen photos of the Fifi, I wasn’t really sure what sort of toy this was. The one I saw was brightly colored, and appeared to be some kind of hard – perhaps plastic? – canister, outfitted with a liner that looked more like a miniature trash container than a masturbation toy. Imagine my surprise when I opened my package and discovered what the Fifi masturbator really is.

Inside the package is not a hard canister, but a soft rolled-up “wrap” made of pliable foam covered with a high-quality layer of soft fabric. The company sent me the “Rugged Gray” model, which is honestly the one I would have picked for myself. Out of the package, it reminded me of a rolled up gray t-shirt. Running vertically, down one end of the wrap, is an inch-wide Velcro hook strip that fastens to a softer 2-inch loop strip on the other side of the wrap. Undo the Velcro to open the wrap. Lay it flat, so you can insert a liner. The liners, you see, are what gives the Fifi a fuckable chamber, and enables the user to easily clean up the mess when he’s finished.

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The liner system of the Fifi is either going to be something guys appreciate, or that they’ll be annoyed with. If you’re crazy about jacking off with hand-held masturbators with thick, textured, fuckable orifices, the Fifi system might be an unwelcome change in your masturbation routine. Rather than a molded “tunnel” to fuck, the Fifi uses disposable latex sleeves that fit in the center of the aforementioned cloth wrap. Once tucked into place, the Fifi has an opening on one end, and a closed-ended sleeve that creates a smooth tunnel to penetrate and will collect any fluids (lube, semen) that accumulate during use. Is this a different experience than, say, fucking a Fleshlight or a Tenga Fliphole? Yes. Does this mean it doesn’t feel good? Personally, I thought it felt really good.

When I was ready to try the Fifi out, I removed one of the latex sleeves from its individual wrapper. The Fifi sleeves come sealed in packages kind of like condoms, and when you pull it out of its wrapper, a giant condom is pretty much what it will look like. The first thing you need to do is unroll the sleeve. Like a condom, simply push down along the edges and unroll it to its full length. Unlike many condoms, the Fifi latex sleeves aren’t lubricated, so you won’t make a mess trying to get it ready for use. With your fabric wrap undone and laying flat (place the fabric loop Velcro strip face down), align your unrolled sleeve a few inches from the right end (if you align it with the loop Velcro strip on the opposite side of the wrap, you should be good to go). Make sure the closed end of the sleeve doesn’t overhang the bottom edge of the wrap. The open end, however, should extend quite a ways over the top edge of the wrap. Once your sleeve is in place, slowly re-roll your wrap, starting at the right edge, rolling to the left. Once it’s rolled, fasten the Velcro strip. Since the loop strip is twice as wide as the hook strip, you’ve got a little bit of leeway when it comes to where to fasten it. Unless you like to fuck a hole that’s super tight, I recommend making the wrap as loose as you can at first. Even when it was as loose as I could make it, it was still a pretty snug fit when I went to penetrate it. Being made of Velcro, it was easy enough to adjust (or even undo completely) while your cock is inside the sleeve.

Once your wrap is fastened, you need to deal with the open end of the liner, which should be hanging out of the top of the coiled wrap. Pretend like your Fifi is a trash can and simply pull the open edge of the liner down around the wrap, so it completely covers the top end. If you’ve left enough of the wrap hanging out, there should be plenty of latex to accomplish this easily. Once you have your liner in place, you’re ready to lube it up and have some fun.

fifi infoYour new toy comes with this handy diagram, showing you how to set it up and use it.

Since the liners are made of latex, Fifi recommends only using water-based lubes with this toy. I haven’t tried it with silicone or silicone/water-based hybrids, but it’s possible they would work fine since those lubes are generally safe with latex condoms. I definitely wouldn’t use this toy with any oil-based lubes, even those designed specifically for masturbation. Oil is known to cause latex to tear, so don’t even try it with your new toy. Fifi stocks its own brand of water-based lubricant and that is what I used while testing the toy, so if you’re unsure what type to use, you can easily purchase your lubricant right from this company when you order your toy and replacement liners. It’s a decent water-based lube and it stayed slippery the entire time I was using the Fifi, so that’s a good thing right there.

Once I had the Fifi lubed (and I used a bunch of it, because the opening looked extra snug) and my dick lubed, it was time to try it out. I had to be pretty much fully erect to penetrate the Fifi, but once I slid inside, it was quite a nice feeling. Don’t be afraid to loosen the Velcro closure if you need to make the opening less snug. Once you’re inside, it’s not a problem to refasten the closure and tighten the interior around your dick. The interior of the latex sleeve was wonderfully slippery with lubricant and the close-ended tunnel created by the sleeve was enjoyably snug. Fifi doesn’t offer anything but untextured liners, so if you need ribbing or other raised nubs to give yourself a pleasurable masturbation experience, you might not be that impressed with Fifi’s smooth sleeves. I found that the foam/fabric wrap makes everything feel nice and soft, and the internal temperature grew surprisingly warmer the longer I thrust in and out of it. Unlike some of those “rubber” masturbators, Fifi really isn’t that heavy, so it’s easy to angle it and find a position that works for you, without feeling like you have a few pounds of rubbery material weighing your dick down. With the wrap being made of foam and cloth, you can easily squeeze and place pressure with your fingers right where you want it, slightly altering the interior shape, making that chute just a little bit tighter if desired. One thing that I discovered that felt pretty good was sliding my fingers up inside the Fifi wrap from the bottom; since it’s open on both ends, you can work your fingers in there and feel your hard cock sliding around inside the latex sleeve. Go ahead and rub your knob or even your frenulum. It’s a different sensation, and it felt really good! After doing that, I definitely want to weasel a little vibrator into the bottom opening, just to see what it feels like. One last thing: are you a guy who likes to lie face down and fuck a masturbator? With a harder/bulkier sex toy, you’re probably not going to be that comfortable grinding away on top of it, but since Fifi is made of foam and fabric, go ahead and place the masturbator under your groin and pump your way to bliss without discomfort. Using this method your hands are going to be free to do other things, like tweak your nipples, which can make things feel even better when you’re just about to bust a nut.

Once you’re ready to orgasm, the other benefit of the latex sleeve becomes apparent. Go ahead and slide in deep. Let the load go. Once you’ve finished off, slide out of the sleeve and undo the Velcro strap. Carefully ease the loaded sleeve out and simply dispose of it in the trash. There’s no cummy tunnel to try and scrub out, no messy orifice to wipe clean, and no tight interior to try and dry out. Since the liner goes in the trash, the only thing you need to worry about it storing the cloth wrap. You can either leave it unrolled and flat, or wrap it back up. Either way, it’s going to look totally normal tucked in with your tees or boxer shorts. I’d find it hard to believe that anyone would know what it’s used for, which is another benefit for guys who’d like a fuckable sex toy, but don’t want to run the risk of someone snooping and finding a big flesh vagina or mouth stuck in the dresser drawer or in the bedside table. And if it’s that discreet to store at home, you can just as easily travel with it without having to worry that someone going through your bag is going to know you’ve got a fuckable masturbator on board. Since the liners are individually wrapped, you can just tuck however many you need for your trip in your bag along with the wrap and some lube and you’ll be ready for some fun on the road.

The latex liners are really the one main drawback of the Fifi masturbator. The boxed kit comes with a wrap and 5 liners, but once you’ve used those up, you’ll need to purchase more to keep using the toy. Fifi offers liner packages for all levels of users; you can order them in quantities of 10, 20, or 50…and there’s even a “Sleeve Club” for regular users who want to save even more by having the sleeves sent to them every month. Simply subscribe for a monthly refill of 10, 20, or 30 sleeves to keep the good times coming (or is that “cumming?”). Still, with 5 liners to start, and a wrap that seems made to last, the initial purchase price (currently $24.95) is a lot less expensive than many masturbators, and if you end up loving your Fifi, you can stock up on larger quantities of liners to save some money. You can even add lube to your order, so you don’t have to make a separate purchase.

All in all, I thought the Fifi was a pretty nice sex toy. While I’d like to see a wrap that allows for an even less-snug interior (if desired), and maybe some textured liners, the Fifi wrap seems designed to last for years, and will look totally stealth in your t-shirt drawer or bedside table, and might just be the easiest masturbator to travel with. Thanks for letting me try one, Fifi!

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Want to try your own Fifi Sex Toy For Men? The wrap/5 sleeve starter kit is available in several fabric colors, and even a faux fur version. You can order the kit, lubes, and additional latex sleeves in multiple quantities directly from the company:


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FTC Disclaimer: This product was provided free of charge by the manufacturer in exchange for an unbiased review.

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