Elbow Grease Cream: Hot and Cool Lube

Want to add a little heat or a little cool zing to your plain oil-based lube? If super sensations are what you’re searching for, check out these two lubes.

I’ve been using Elbow Grease cream as a jack off lube for years, and it’s always been one of my favorites. As it’s an oil-based lube, it’s not safe with many toys and it’s not an appropriate lube for condom sex, but its ability to turn from thick cream into a wonderfully slippery oil that doesn’t need much reapplying makes it a great lube for masturbation.I’d first been introduced to the “Hot” Elbow Grease about ten years ago, during an adventurous sex session. A devious Daddy-type had me lashed to his bedposts and was using a variety of methods to bring my cock to the point of almost cumming. I had mentioned previously that I was a fan of Elbow Grease lube, and he had been using some of that to wonderful effect. It was only in the middle of our session that I noticed something…different.

“You like that?” He was slowly stroking me with a lube that had the consistency of Elbow Grease, but it was making my cock warm. He would slowly work his hand from the root of my shaft to the tip of my cock, making sure everything was covered. He even lathered my balls in the stuff, which was a little intense. I’m happy to say he respected my wish not to coat the Lukas Ridgeston dildo I had brought along with the Hot cream, because I was worried I’d find out the hard way that the Elbow Grease Hot formula was too intense for the delicate lining of my ass. (Come to think of it, it probably wouldn’t have been a smart choice to use on a dildo, either.)

After that encounter, I picked up a jar of the Elbow Grease Hot for my own use, and occasionally incorporated the intense warming sensation into my jack off time, when I wanted to add a little spice to my routine. I never used the Hot lube during sex, but I did bring it out when another guy wanted to stroke or be stroked during a sexual encounter. Since I’m not a huge fan of masturbation-during-sex, the warming lube definitely added an erotic element to an otherwise mundane experience.

I haven’t had a jar of the stuff for years, so during a recent toy order, I added a small jar of the Hot Elbow Grease. Then I noticed there was also a Cool formula, so I added one of those as well. Both of these lubes incorporate menthol into their formulas to create the hot/cool sensations.

I tried out the Hot cream first, enjoying that familiar warming sensation that I hadn’t felt in years. True, I’ve used water-based warming lubes, but none of those have the wonderfully slippery texture of Elbow Grease. While the lube wasn’t as warm as I remember it, admittedly I didn’t use a ton of it. With oil-based lubes, I’m more apt to rub a small amount on my frenulum and use two of my fingers to massage the area until the lube has broken down into its oily state. Then I might grease the head and massage that the same way. By that time, I usually have enough lube all over my hand to work it down over the shaft. I’ve found that using too much oil-based lube makes a bigger mess that will have to eventually be cleaned up. Since oil-based lubes are so long-lasting, you really don’t need too much, unless you prefer a sloppy handjob. (Hey, who doesn’t, once in awhile?)

After finishing up, the Hot cream cleans up easily with soap and water, or a body wipe. I did notice some residual tingling, but it wasn’t uncomfortable.I waited until the following night to try out the Elbow Grease Cool formula. Like its Hot counterpart, the Cool cream has menthol added to give an added cooling feel. If you’ve ever used a menthol-based product for aches or sore muscles, you know exactly how this will feel against your skin. While it doesn’t offer the heat, the sensation is somewhat similar to the Hot version. In fact, I felt the Cool formula was a little more intense. To me, the menthol was definitely more noticeable this time around, but not to the point of making the lube unpleasant to use.

I applied the lube in the same way I did the Hot the night before, and ended up adding a little bit more to the shaft once I realized it wouldn’t feel too intense to do so. The lube really does mimic having your cock teased with some ice. I once had a guy crunch up some ice in his mouth before going down on me and thought it was too cold in the long run. The Elbow Grease Cool offers just enough cooling without making it uncomfortable for long masturbation sessions.

In the end, I think I prefer the Warm cream a bit more than the Cool, but they are both splendid additions to your arsenal of jack off lubes and definitely something to grab when you want to experience a little change in your routine. As I mentioned earlier in the review, these lubes should not be used with condoms or with toys that are made of materials that would break down if oil was used on them. Always do a spot check in an inconspicuous area before greasing up your favorite toy or masturbator with a lube you’re not sure about. And try it out with a tiny amount if you’re going to take the plunge and use either of these lubes internally. I know there are some warming/cooling lubes designed for anal use, but you don’t want to find out the hard way that either of these formulas are too intense once they are slathering the inside of your ass.

Ready to try Elbow Grease Hot and Cool formulas for yourself? They are available in a variety of sizes (a pail of lube, anyone?) directly from Elbow Grease Lubricants, or can be picked up from:

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