Don Wands Glass Nubby Melon Crank

This is a hard, textured butt plug that is designed to be cranked once you’ve inserted it up your butt. You’ll feel every bump and ridge as it spins.

After trying Doc Johnson’s small Sexy Spades glass butt plug, I was looking for another glass anal toy that had a head that was a little less wide, and a neck that was a little longer. I came across the Nubby Melon Crank glass plug from Don Wands on the AdultShopping website and the size and shape really appealed to me. Given the raised nubs on the neck and the handle which allows the toy to be “cranked” in your hole, it bore a similarity to the higher end (and much lengthier/ramrod straight) steel Crank Shaft Dildo. I couldn’t wait to try it out.

The plug is made of solid, clear glass and has the following dimensions: the bulbed head is about 1.5 inches in length with a 1.5 inch bulge at its widest point. The tip is rounded, and the bulb itself has been etched with a half dozen vertical grooves, presumably to give the glass a little extra texture. The neck is the longest part of the toy, measuring 2.5 inches, making the insertable length four inches.  At two inches in diameter, the base is definitely wide enough to make the toy anal-safe, but not so wide as to be uncomfortable. Given the 1.5 inch crank protruding from the bottom of the plug, it’s not really something you’re going to sit on, so bear that in mind if you prefer glass toys you can insert and use while seated.

Glass Nubby Melon CrankSince the toy is made of borosilicate glass, you can use any type of lube on it. Because of the textures on this thing, I prefer a water-based lube, and lots of it. When I first tried this toy, I only used a minimal amount of silicone lubricant, and the head actually slipped in pretty easily. But when I tried to rotate the bulb just inside my anal opening, I found the narrow vertical grooves were grabbing the soft flesh of my anus. More lube and a deeper penetration meant I wasn’t feeling this slight grabbing sensation, but I was still a bit paranoid about it, so I didn’t crank the hell out of the toy while I was using it.

Still, the solid feel of the glass with the raised nubs felt pretty nice while gripping down on it, especially when I slipped it in during sex. The protruding crank handle was a little awkward after awhile (especially when I tried to straighten my legs and lie flat on my back), so eventually I just popped the toy out. Well lubed, I think this glass plug is a much better choice than the larger steel Crank Dildo if you’re looking for a toy you can spin while it’s inside you. Just take care to use plenty of lubricant and not overdo it before you know how easily it’s going to glide while inside you. As a stationary plug, it feels nice, penetrates pretty easily, isn’t overly long, and – if you aren’t bothered by the protruding crank handle – feels nice for long term use during sex or masturbation.

Find your own glass Nubby Melon Crank from Don Wands at these stores:

Image of the Nubby Melon Crank from Don Wands


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