Doc Johnson Sexy Spades Butt Plug

doc johnson sexy spadesThis little glass plug from Doc Johnson is perfect for those who want to try out a glass toy or a butt plug but don’t want to go too large right away.

Second up in my March Madness Anal Adventure was the Sexy Spades – Small glass butt plug from Doc Johnson. The Sexy Spades is a good “starter plug,” whether you’re looking for a relatively small-sized butt plug to get you started with larger anal toys, or as a toy to start with to relax your hole into taking an even bigger toy, which is how I used it last night.

Initially, I had a bit of trouble inserting this plug, and I suspect that had something to do with my thoughts that being made of smooth glass it would pop right in. Not so. I actually had to grease it with a lot more lube to work it in without a lot of discomfort. The “small” size here is a bit of a misnomer. While – in the world of butt plugs, where they range from big, really big, and you’ve-gotta-be-fucking-out-of-your-mind – this plug does land on the small end of the scale, it still sports a diameter of 1.5″ (4.75″ circumference), which means some anal newbies will hesitate at the girth of the bulb.

sexy spades smallAnyhow, as I prepared to take the thick-headed Alise Vibrator, I knew I was going to have to open myself up, and the Prostate Health Vibrator I used to start out wasn’t going to do it. Actually, I found that using the toy while standing up in the shower gave me a much better experience; in fact, I even felt the tip probing my P-spot a couple of times. The only drawback to using it in the shower is to make sure you’re prepared to make a grab for it, should it pop out during use. I’d hate to think what would happen if the plug suddenly shot out of my ass and nailed the side of my porcelain tub.

My good thoughts on the Sexy Spades are only improving as I use it more, and I hope at some point to perform a “size upgrade” and test drive the Medium plug.

UPDATE: JuneĀ 2015 – Doc Johnson is not currently manufacturing the Sexy Spades plugs and I don’t see any leftovers available in any of the stores I affiliate with. If you have your heart set on a glass butt plug, check out the nearly-100 other offerings from AdultShopping. If this toy becomes available again, I’ll be sure to update the purchase links.


Product image from Doc Johnson


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