Mini Clothespin Nipple Toys

mini-clothes-pinsThese little clothespins aren’t designed to hang your sexy underwear out to dry. If you like your nipple play to have a little more bite, try these on.

I’ve been getting more interested in nipple play lately, and this Chrome-Plated Mini Clothespin caught my eye when I was browsing the fetish gear over at The Stockroom. This is kind of a clever twist on the more traditional claw- and alligator clip style of nipple toys.

As it’s not adjustable, you probably only want to consider adding this toy to your collection if you like – as the company calls it – “a strong bite” from your nipple toys. It’s affordably priced, measures in at a mere 1.25 inches and probably would double as an actual clothespin…if you had a jockstrap or some sexy, skimpy undergear to hang out on the line after a night of debauchery.

Sold individually at:

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Chrome Mini Clothespin image from The Stockroom

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