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ass-master-batorSoft yet tight. Slide into the supple pucker and let the slick walls grip your dick until you can no longer hold back the load. Anal sex, anyone?

The young man lies face down in his bed – naked – his smooth ass on display. His bare legs are spread slightly. His cock is pinned under his prone body, so you don’t see it, but his smooth egg-like balls are clearly visible. He lies waiting….

The next toy I’ve been invited to try from Blush Novelties is the Ass Master-Bator, a realistic style masturbation sleeve. As the name would suggest, the Ass Master-Bator has been designed to give the user a nice anal experience. While the “ass” isn’t full sized, it is much more plump and soft than most traditional sleeve-type masturbators. A set of fleshy mounds with plenty of “cushion for the pushin'” sit on either side of the split, which holds the hole, a nicely rendered pucker that opens into the toy’s tunnel. For men who want a more realistic (visually as well as texturally) experience, the Ass Master-Bator not only offers the aforementioned buns and hole, but a set of nicely shaped balls.

The young man’s eyes are closed, but his body is alert. You can feel the wanting in the air. It is quiet, but you can almost hear his heart pounding. Or is it yours? Your cock is pounding at any rate; time to take it out. A minute later, you’re as naked as the man in the bed. You place your hand on his bare back and gently slide your fingers over the smooth flesh, working your way toward his ass. His buns are parted slightly, his balls still resting between his legs. The closer you come to the split in his ass, the more the nuts respond. You climb onto the bed, between his legs. A glance at his crack shows his hole, smooth and puckered. You brush it lightly and at last he makes a sound, a low moan. You reach for his balls and give them a gentle squeeze. So soft. Gently, you run your thumb between his balls and over his taint, tracing the thin thread of flesh that leads like a guide to the tight slot. You press and feel it swallow your thumb. There is already lube inside and it’s warm. He is ready….

ass-master-bator 1
Nice soft, squishy buns give way to a tight puckered hole

To use the Ass Master-Bator, simply lube the inside channel and your cock and slide in. While not a “life-size” masturbation toy, it works equally as well held in your hand or positioned on the edge of your desk or on the bed. The material is Blush Novelties own X5, which is described as having “a realistic feel, like that of the human body.” While it didn’t hold heat (by soaking it in hot water before use) it did warm up during use, and the material was pretty nice. It’s very soft and fairly squishy. If you’re a guy who enjoys the sensation of buns pressing against you when you slide in deep, there is a similar feeling with this toy thanks to the excess of material around the opening. Speaking of which, the hole is very detailed, and even includes that ridge of tissue that bisects the taint (the perineal raphe).┬áThe balls are a nice touch. You can either grip/stretch them during use, or you can just let them bounce around.

You bend your legs at the knees and push his legs open more insistently, leaning in and pressing the head of your cock – now lubricated – to the tight hole. There is a little give, but it opens easily, allowing you to slide in. After the head, your shaft follows, the snug slippery tunnel squeezing your cock. You begin to fuck; slowly at first, but picking up speed. The inside of the young guy’s ass is warm and tight, but has a nice give to it. The texture of his insides is driving you wild. You want to explode, but the fun has only begun….

The length of the tunnel is 5.4 inches, which isn’t terribly deep, but about on par with toys of this type. The tunnel is open-ended, which means the head of your cock will pop out the end during use if you go beyond the 5.4 inch mark. This in itself is a pleasant sensation, since the edge of this opening rubs nicely against the coronal ridge (the underside of your glans). The internal texture isn’t overly mind-blowing, but a series of ribs along the length of the channel do provide a nice rub during use.

You have him on his back now. His smooth nuts are bobbing up and down, jerking with every thrust of your cock. You can tell just by how his balls are reacting that he loves being fucked. “What is your favorite way?” you grunt, still thrusting. “Do you like it gentle like this?” You rub the inside of his hole with just the head of your cock. You can tell he likes it as much as you do. The ribbed texture of his insides is driving you crazy. “Or do you prefer it balls deep?” As you ask, you slide all the way in, until your own nuts are pressed firmly against his stretched hole. You feel a pop from the inside, as if you’ve pushed beyond the tightness, the second ring rubbing the underside of your glans. It is time. A few more good thrusts and you’re cumming, your load bursting inside of him. Drained, you ease out, watching as his hole closes back up. Not as tight as before the fuck, but still pretty snug. He rolls over on his stomach again, his balls still resting on the surface of the bed. You know the next time you drop in to fuck him, you’ll find him in the same position. The way he always is. The way you both like it.

All and all, I rather enjoyed the experience from the Ass Master-Bator sleeve. It’s the perfect choice for guys who want something a step up from a short and/or plain masturbation sleeve, but who don’t want to lay out a ton of money for one of those big life-sized fuck toys. The Ass Master-Bator offers a nice visual and textural fantasy without costing a fortune. The toy was easy to clean with soap and water (before and after use), and the squishy soft X5 material can be easily maintained by sprinkling a bit of corn starch over it after you clean it. I will note that – like every toy of this type – there is a distinct (kind of a rubbery) odor to it right out of the package. It wasn’t horribly overwhelming, but it should be noted, since some men are sensitive to these types of scents. I noticed it wasn’t as detectable after a couple of washes and should fade over time. The toy can be stored right in the box (see top photo), which includes a molded plastic clamshell-type of insert which will help the masturbator stay dust-free and assist in keeping its distinct design. Men looking for a unique anal masturbation sleeve with a nice cushioning effect should love this thing. Guys with a thing for balls (especially smooth bouncy ones!) will also find the Ass Master-Bator a fun toy for their collection. Thanks again to Blush Novelties for sending this out to me for a test drive!

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FTC Disclaimer: This product was provided free of charge by the manufacturer in exchange for an unbiased review.

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