Anal Toys to Pleasure Your Prostate

If you’ve ever had your prostate massaged, you know how great that can feel, especially when you rub it just right. If prostate play gets you off, here are a few hot toys that can help you get there.

anal1Fort Troff Buzz Bullet
– a silicone encased bullet – I really want to try this one. Finally a vibrating egg that’s coated in body-safe silicone…and the wiring is too! What does this mean? You can send it up your butt on a prostate hunt, and not have to worry about the thing getting lost. Being coated in non-porous silicone means it’s a snap to keep clean. The bullet itself is 2.5 inches long, and you can send it nine inches up your ass. The handle not only allows you to control where it goes, but it’ll keep it from slipping out of your grasp while you’re in the throes of pleasure. Find this at FORT TROFF – Look under DONGS > BUZZ. Be sure to watch the x-rated demo video on the site, too!


anal2Fort Troff P-Spot Buzz 3.8 – another fun silicone prostate toy from Fort Troff. This one is small and slender, so it should slide in nice and easy, even for beginners. With a 4″ insertable length this should really hit the spot for most guys. The 3.8 refers to the widest circumference of the toy. Fort Troff describes it as having a thumb up your butt! This seven-speed prostate toy is coated in body-safe silicone, plus you can recharge it with a USB port, so no constantly replacing batteries. Find this toy at FORT TROFF – Look under DONGS > BUZZ. Check out the hot x-rated demo video they’ve put up, too!


anal3b-Vibe Rimming Butt Plug – not only does this new plug feature a vibrator in the tip, but a cluster of rotating metal beads buried in the stem is designed to deliver a sensation to your hole that’s supposed to feel like a rim job. I wasn’t sure I’d want to pay this much for a butt plug, but after watching this 26 minute video review, now I definitely want one! b-Vibe has posted a little demo video too! Find your b-Vibe Rimming Butt Plug at ADULTSHOPPING – BLACK or TEAL.


anal4Tom of Finland Silicone P-spot Vibe – I did a feature on some of the toys from the Tom of Finland line earlier this year, but I didn’t include this prostate massager. With the bullet in the base, you probably aren’t going to get intense vibrations on your prostate like the earlier toys in this post deliver, but you’ll be able to manually massage your prostate while the embedded bullet pleasures your hole and taint. Five inches insertable, and curved to reach your P-spot. Find the Tom of Finland Silicone P-spot Vibe at BOYZSHOP.


anal5Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion – Do you need thrusting to make your prostate feel good? Fun Factory already has a couple nice pulsating dildos that work nice for anal play/prostate stroking (check out the thick curvy Stronic Zwei and the curved/ribbed Stronic Drei). This time around they deliver an anal safe pulsating dildo with 4.5 insertable inches that thrusts, and vibrating “wings” that are going to tickle your balls and taint while you’re being fucked by this thing. Curious what the Bi Stronic’s thrusting action looks like? Check out this quick video:

Want to find out what it feels like? Find your own Bi Stronic Fusion (in red, pink, or purple) from ADULTSHOPPING.


Want to browse more anal toys? Here are some of the online stores that sell them:

Product images: Buzz Bullet/P-Spot Buzz – Fort Troff
Rimming Butt Plug – b-Vibe
Tom of Finland P-Spot Vibe – BoyzShop
Bi Stronic Fusion – Fun Factory


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