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welcome-to-allmalesextoysWelcome to All Male Sex Toys, a place to learn about the options available for men in the areas of sex, masturbation and sex toys! Like these:

  • masturbators
  • butt plugs
  • prostate massagers
  • cock rings
  • dildos
  • vibrators

I’ll also be sharing information on different types of lubes, like oil-, water- and silicone-based formulas, which not only come in handy for sex and jacking off, but for all kinds of toy play as well.

I also hope to make the site a valuable resource for toy buyers, offering assistance on what Internet stores carry certain items, and doing overviews on popular stores that sell sex toys. An informed buyer is a smart buyer, so I’ll be sharing information on sales, shipping deals, new and upcoming items, and what special features stores are offering their customers. If you are a social media user, check the sidebar at All Male Sex Toys for Twitter updates and links to Tumblr and other social sites. I hope to utilize all of these to bring you information on toys to help improve your sex life.

Thanks for visiting, and don’t forget to bookmark and subscribe.

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