Alise Vibrating Massager for Anal

alise massagerThis one’s a rather thick dildo, but with the vibrations pulsing from that bulbous head, I knew I wanted to try it out for prostate stimulation.

I’ve had my eye on the Alise Vibrating Massager ever since I read a description that indicated that it was a) good for anal use and, b) had a vibrator in the tip. For some reason, it seems like so many anal toys either have a removable bullet that slips into the toy’s base or handle, or – if the vibrator is embedded – it’s either near the base, or – if you’re lucky – in the midsection of the toy.

As I saw it, the Alise had these things going for it: the vibrator was in the bulbous tip, the toy is coated in silicone and completely waterproof, and it doesn’t require any batteries; yep, it’s completely rechargeable. I put the Alise on my mental wishlist, and since it’s pretty pricey, I kept my eyes open for a good deal.

I found the toy marked 70% off recently and jumped on the offer. A few days later, I was the happy owner of my own Alise, in the plum shade. Since I wasn’t able to test it out at the time, I stuck it with a few other toys, including the Tantus Prostate Health Vibrator and Doc Johnson Sexy Spades that I used prior to testing the Alise.

The Alise comes packaged nicely, in an exceptionally large box, given that it only contains the dildo and accompanying charger. As I’d read in other reviews, the Alise doesn’t come with any instructions, but charging and operation seemed pretty straightforward.

Prior to using, I plugged the charger into the wall outlet and stuck the other end into the jack on the toy. Immediately, the two control buttons lit up and began to flash. I assumed once the lights became solid, the toy would then be considered charged, and after a couple of hours, I noticed this was the case.

Even though I wasn’t using the toy at that point, I still turned it on to test out the vibrator. The two button-operation was pretty simple to figure out. Click the first button to turn the motor on or off, and use the second to cycle through the seven different vibration speeds and patterns. They are as follows: 3 steady vibrations, in low, medium and high; and 4 separate patterns:

  1. starts out low and revs up fast, dropping back to low suddenly
  2. steady bursts
  3. shorter steady bursts
  4. three short bursts followed by one longer one

The vibrator seemed pretty substantial and, indeed, it was located right in the tip of the toy. When it came time to use the Alise, I knew I was going to need some warming up, because the toy has a circumference of 5.5″ (2″ diameter) at its widest point, which is the tip. Once you’ve pushed the curved tip in, the shaft does narrow quite a bit, but the bulk of this toy is pretty thick. Truth be told, I was not able to work it all the way inside during my virgin run, but I had a good amount of the tip worked in.

alise-vibratorI think the Alise design seems good in theory, but the top is so thick, it makes penetration difficult, at least compared to many anal-friendly toys. I’m sure the wider girth is due to the size of the internal vibrator, and since I wanted a toy with the vibe in the tip, it makes sense that it was designed this way. The vibrator did feel pretty powerful, but I wasn’t able to experiment too much with the different settings, since the buttons were difficult to operate while using this toy in the shower.

I look forward to continuing my exploration with the Alise and to seeing what happens when the vibrating tip finally rests against my P-spot.

A few details about the Alise Vibrating Massager: total length: 7.5″ – insertable length: 5.5″ – max circumference and diameter: 5.5″ and 2″ – the Alise is coated in a smooth matte silicone finish and feels pretty solid, but does have some give, especially in the neck, which is also flexible near the controller. I figured being able to bend the toy (once inserted) would offer some great targeted stimulation, but so far the neck has been a little too bendy. Hopefully once the toy is worked more deeply inside, this will be less of an issue. The vibrations feel nice and strong, but the motor is not overly loud.

All and all, I am pleased (so far) with the Alise, given the nice deal I found on it, but I’ll have to use it a few more times to see if it’s to become one of my favorites. For now I’ll just leave it at: “Very nice, but too soon to tell.”

The Alise Vibrating Massager is available in pink¬†from TLA Gay’s toy site:

 Product image from NS Novelties


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