5 Sex Toys You Can Use During Sex

Most guys think of sex toys as something to use during masturbation, but there are a lot of good toys you can use while you’re having sex. Like these.

There are plenty of toys you can use with a partner while you’re having sex, as a sort of foreplay, to add additional stimulation during sex, or to help you or your partner get off when the traditional stroke/suck/fuck just isn’t getting you there. The following are just five of my picks for fun sex toys you can use as, well, sex toys.Vibrating Cock Ring: Actually, cock rings are great fun to use during sex. You can pull one on before sex to make your cock hard, or to keep it erect if you’re going at it for awhile. Some men find they can actually prolong sex while wearing a cock ring. While I’ve already posted a primer on cock rings for beginners, and recently reviewed a great vibrating cock ring (The Big O 2 from ScreamingO) that would be amazing during sex, my pick this time around is the Tantus Vibrating Cock Ring. If you’re familiar with Tantus toys, you know they’re all made out of quality body-safe silicone, which will give your cock ring a much longer life. It’s also a comfortable material, which is something to look for if you want to wear a ring during sex, which generally (hopefully?) lasts longer than a jack off session. With the addition of the vibrating bullet, you can position this behind your balls (feels great!) or twist it around so it gives your partner the lion’s share of the vibrations (clit, taint, balls; wherever you happen to press it while you’re fucking). While it’s available in black or purple, the bright red silicone version is my favorite and will certainly draw attention to any cock.GoodHead Helping Hand: Admittedly I haven’t tried this one, but every time I see it I think how handy it would be to have this thing when a guy is either too long or too thick (lucky him!) or just needs a little something extra when he’s getting head. Made from stretchy textured UR3, the GoodHead Helping Hand is basically a mini open-ended masturbator that can be used to stroke the lower portion of a guy’s dick while your mouth and tongue take care of the top part. If you’ve ever been with a guy who claims, “Oh, I can’t get off from head alone,” you might want to add a toy like this to your collection, if head is all you’re willing to offer.  Or how about…Tenga FlipHole: …a masturbator that will swallow every inch of his cock? If he needs more stimulation than a smaller toy like the GoodHead Helping Hand can provide, why not break out the big guns? I think we’ve all been there; an overenthusiastic partner gets you off before you’re quite ready, and then lies back on the bed, arms tucked behind his smiling head, waiting for you to “polish him off.” If you’re just not in the mood after you’ve blown your load, tell him to close his eyes, and watch (and listen to) his reaction as you envelop his uncummed cock inside the soft, slippery, textured channel of one of these premium masturbators from Tenga. With the inner sanctum designed to feel like a real mouth, how many up-and-down strokes can he handle before he’s blowing his load?Silicone Flexi-Power Rod: If you or your male partner wants some anal stimulation during sex, but you’re not ready or willing to jump into anal sex, why not introduce a fun anal toy into bedroom activities? The Silicone Flexi-Power Rod is a long (but bendy) anal probe shaped like beads. Size-wise, it’s nothing too intense, but the seven vibrating settings could be just what you or your lover need to make that orgasm extra intense. Take your pick: tease him with just the bulbous tip, or gently feed his hole the extra three beads until the entire rod is squirming its way up his butt.Under the Bed Restraint Kit: Sometimes sex just gets a little wild and there’s nothing more fun than sharing a bondage experience with a sex partner you can trust. Unless you’re a regular dom or sub, your bed probably doesn’t come pre-equipped with some kind of heavy-duty bondage gear. You may not even have the type of headboard/footboard that can accommodate restraints, or even rope. For the curious or occasional user, consider picking up an under the bed bondage kit. With a set like this, you can easily set up wrist and ankle cuffs in a comfortable position and they should work just fine for teasing your lover oh-so-good. Just like the description says, the straps slide under your mattress (on top of the boxspring) and the cuffs attach to either end. For even wilder bondage fun, think about adding a blindfold! And once you’re ready to get serious about bondage, stores like The Stockroom can offer you countless choices for sturdier gear.

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